What Do You Need to Know About Web Design Today?

Since Facebook and now Twitter have gone public, the world is clearly focused on social media and the business community has uniformly embraced it as a necessary part of marketing.

But social media is still only part of your marketing success. What is more worrying than adoption of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or the like, is negligence of the basics in our digital world. Did you know that according to a recent survey by Yodle, Inc, 52% of small business owners do not have a website and 90% do not have a mobile-optimized website. Wow!

If you are in this group or no someone who is, then today’s show is for you! My guest, Chris Martinez, co-founder of WebsiteIn5Days.com, will share the story of how he and his partner met. They shared vision to help GREAT small businesses with horrible websites. Their solution is to provide great websites, at a low investment, with a quick turnaround, providing great customer support, and provide an amazing experience in the process.

I’ll be asking Chris about the misconceptions that people have about website design (and designers); what is the #1 thing people need to know about web design today; and to share some of the guiding principles that help him run his business – tips any business owner can use.