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  1. Since 2002,
  2. since the occupation started
    building the wall,
  3. three times the distance separating
    the territories occupied in 67,
  4. and those occupied in 48.
  5. That confirms that the wall isn't here
    to separate between geographical areas,
  6. but to annex, confiscate and take over
    the capacities of the Palestinians,
  7. part of those: land, water
    and even trees,
  8. especially fruit trees that are a source
    of strength and life for a Palestinian.
  9. The Hague Convention is
    an international proof
  10. from important international experts,
    and is binding to the General Assembly,
  11. that the wall is a process of separation,
    racial cleansing,
  12. and discrimination against
    the Palestinians.
  13. It is the process of dividing
    the Palestinian areas
  14. to cantons and enclaves
    and theft of land;
  15. and fighting against the biggest strength
    the citizens have in Palestine,
  16. and that strength is water,
    agriculture and land.
  17. Ni'lin has a land area of 57000 decares,
  18. of which 50000 decares were confiscated.
  19. The infrastructure of the village
    is being destroyed,
  20. many people who were driven away
    from their land,
  21. had to immigrate to make a living,
  22. because initially they made
    a living based on agriculture.
  23. When their lands were confiscated,
    many of the farmers were harmed,
  24. more than 200 farmers to be exact.
  25. Ni'lin suffers a lot from this wall,
    like many Palestinian towns.
  26. Ni'lin's land area was 58000 decares,
  27. 40000 of which were occupied in 48.
  28. The wall bit off about 3000 decares
    of its lands,
  29. which brings the current land area
    of Ni'lin down to 8000 decares.
  30. We, the land owners, are not allowed
    to build on it,
  31. because you have to go get a permit
    from the military governor,
  32. they make it difficult on you
    and they don't give you a permit,
  33. but the settler from Russia,
    Ukraine or anywhere else
  34. build, settle and live happily.
  35. Some think that the wall
    is only to annex territory,
  36. but there are families in Jerusalem,
  37. families in the west and east coasts,
  38. brothers being separated,
    families being separated.
  39. In Al-Nazla area, a house
    was divided in two.
  40. We want to live in our land,
  41. our ancestors lived in it,
  42. my father, grandfather, all of us
    want to stay in our land.
  43. They couldn't buy it from the owners,
    so they classified it as a military zone.
  44. Sometimes three or four years go by,
    and we don't yield any oil or olives,
  45. nothing to do,
  46. there are all kinds of trees,
    in our land.
  47. We consider that the economic reality
  48. created a new type unemployment
    for the farmers,
  49. and the Palestinian workers who counted
    on agriculture in Palestine.
  50. Inside the wall there is 100 dunams
    of olive trees, plums, apples and almonds,
  51. everything, we cultivated the land,
  52. wheat, barley and chickpeas, everything,
    we didn't need to buy anything, really.
  53. That was before the wall, then in 2008,
    the wall was built and closed us in,
  54. so we can't go anywhere, we used
    to sell oil now we have to buy it.
  55. Our biggest hardship is that our land,
    the only one we own, was taken away,
  56. in all of Palestine that's the only land
    that we own.
  57. I inherited it from my great-grandfather,
    from my grandfather,
  58. my father and I own about 100 decares,
  59. about 700 decares were taken away
    from my uncles and us.
  60. We, the Sadahel family, lost
    about 700 decares inside the wall.
  61. We lived well before, needed no one,
  62. we had prickly pears and figs,
    all we needed was there.
  63. I lived here for seventy years,
    my father for eighty,
  64. my grandfather lived there for 21 years.
  65. We planted crops, harvested them,
    we made a living from this land,
  66. but now, we are stranded in our houses,
    nothing to do, as you can see.
  67. Our kids were kidnapped and humiliated,
    my son was wounded near the wall,
  68. two weeks ago, all because we want
    to go to our land.
  69. I lost five sons, on the wall, five sons,
    anyone they see close to the wall,
  70. they shoot and kill; about twenty
    were injured.
  71. [inaudible]
  72. Some lost an eye, some lost a leg,
  73. I have not been to my land
    for seven or eight years now.
  74. this wall is a disaster for us.