Facebook and Marketers are Squabbling in the Sandbox

So happy to be back on the air today with my Wednesday co-host Ken Herron. Missing a week means we have so much to catch up on! First up today is a scathing report that just came out from Forrester concerning marketers’ feelings about facebook – everything from ratings to search to word-of-mouth marketing to online display advertising to mobile marketing. Bottom line, the satisfaction levels are dismal in the US, UK and Canada – so what does this mean for facebook – and what does it mean for you?

We have some great news from Twitter concerning visual tweets using iOS and Android apps; LinkedIn Intro; OSX Mavericks Integration for Mac users; related pins on Pinterest, and Vine’s new Sessions and Time Travel.

My favorite topic of the day is Google introducing Auto Awesome – first new and viable competitor to Animoto in awhile…definitely worth a look!

And if time allows, we’ll round out the show with a few tips on what your business can do at the last minute to take advantage of Halloween in your social marketing.