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  1. This is Larry Lessig.
  2. There is a scholar, an activist, a leader
    a former Labor Secretary,
  3. a citizen and a friend, -- Robert Reich --
    who has been trash-talking
  4. the idea of a convention to propose
    amendments to our Constitution.
  5. That fact really bothers me.
  6. I don't think there is a single thing
    I've heard Reich say,
  7. or a single sentence of his writing,
    at least the slice of it that I've read,
  8. that I disagree with.
  9. Indeed, his work is an inspiration,
    even the controversial work.
  10. And so when I saw a video that he did,
    attacking the idea of a convention,
  11. it gave me pause.
  12. Maybe he was right?
  13. He's been right for me at least
    every single time before.
  14. So I decided to try to work out
    an argument for why I thought
  15. Reich was not right.
  16. Hard as it is for me to utter these words
    and arguments about
  17. why Reich is wrong,
  18. and that argument that might convince
    even Robert Reich,
  19. I would start by writing it:
    if you're hearing these words,
  20. it's because I've convinced myself
  21. that I've got something that is both true
    and might work.
  22. This isn't an argument
    that can be captured in a tweet,
  23. or even a video, though this podcast
    is CC-licensed,
  24. so please feel free to take it and render it
    however you see fit.
  25. Instead this is an argument
    for slow democracy,
  26. which means this is an argument
    for a podcast.
  27. And so over the next five episodes
    of Season 2 of this podcast, Another Way,
  28. I'm going to lay out the argument
    for why Reich is wrong
  29. and why a convention of the States
    is right.
  30. And whether it's enough for Robert Reich
    I hope it's enough to convince you,
  31. because even if you're not the coolest
    former Secretary of Labor in America,
  32. in a democracy, your views should count
    just as much as his.
  33. I'm grateful to The Young Turks
    for making this podcast possible.
  34. Season 1 of this podcast was sponsored
    by Equal Citizens,
  35. but as Robert Reich is a board member
    of Equal Citizens,
  36. I couldn't very well ask them
    to support this.
  37. So while you can find both seasons
    available at,
  38. you can find only season 1
    at .
  39. So here goes: to Article 5 and beyond.
  40. (Music)