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  1. (Source: Al-jazeera Television) This is Dorthy Parvaz at work in the Doha newsroom
  2. for Al-jazeera English
  3. She's an experienced journalist
  4. who joined the network in 2010
  5. Nothing has been heard form Dorothy
  6. since her arrival at the Damascus airport
  7. in Syria, on April the 29th
  8. to cover the pro-democracy protests
  9. in the country
  10. We've had not contact from Dorthy
  11. in going on over two weeks now.
  12. No word. She hasn't spoken to Al Jazera
  13. She hasn't spoken to any of her friends
  14. any of her colleagues, or certainly me
  15. or anybody in her family
  16. There have been conflicting reports
  17. from the Syrian authorities
  18. over what happened to Dorothy
  19. Originally, they confirmed her arrival in Damascus
  20. and said she was being held in custody.
  21. Then, several days later
  22. Syrian officials came out to say they had
  23. deported her to Iran
  24. a close ally of Syria.
  25. Dorothy's Iranian father said
  26. this came as a welcome development
  27. First time I heard (from her) was two weeks ago
  28. Saturday morning, early Saturday morning
  29. that she's missing
  30. which is a lot more grevious
  31. than (the news) that she's being held.
  32. And, my heart sank
  33. I was just beside myself.
  34. Later when the news came up that she was
  35. sent to Iran, I was much more relaxed
  36. than I was after I'd heard that she's missing.
  37. And, I'm hoping that the Iranians will treat her
  38. with dignity and respect
  39. ...and mercy and compassion.
  40. Dorothy holds Iranian, Canadian and American
  41. citizenship.
  42. This picture shows her waving the Iranian flag
  43. during a football match between Iran and Iraque
  44. in Doha.
  45. The government of Iran hasn't confirmed
  46. she's in the country
  47. but Syria says Iranian diplomats
  48. have been involved in the case.
  49. In a statement on her deportation
  50. the Syrian embassy in Washington
  51. said, "On May the first, Ms. Parvase was
  52. escorted by the Iranian consul
  53. to Caspian Airlines, Flight 7905
  54. heading to Tehran
  55. Fred Parvase says Iran has no grounds
  56. to detain his daughter
  57. Iran cannot charge her with
  58. illegally entering Syria
  59. So, as far as the Iranians are concerned,
  60. there's no charge against her.
  61. There's an international campaign underway
  62. to make contact with Dorothy
  63. Canada says it's engaging
  64. Iranian and Syrian authorities
  65. at high levels, to try and obtain additional
  66. information.
  67. More than 1,300 people have joined
  68. a Facebook page set up by her friends and family
  69. and they're desperately concerned
  70. for her well being.
  71. And, the lack of contact
  72. is increasingly difficult for those
  73. closest to her.
  74. Every day that goes by
  75. is a significant event
  76. and we just desperately want to hear
  77. that Dorothy is safe.
  78. The geo-political environment is very complicated
  79. and I understand that
  80. and I don't cast any aspersion on anybody
  81. but my relationship with Dorothy is very simple
  82. and I know that people can understand
  83. my love of her.
  84. I'm going to be married to her,
  85. and I need to speak with her.