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  1. My name is Aleli Alcala and I'm here to represent Universal Subtitles
  2. We realized that
  3. Video was fast becoming the most proliferate content on the internet. It delivers content
  4. like education, politics, health,
  5. and because of language barriers
  6. or if someone was deaf or hard of hearing
  7. They would be excluded from participating in the world they live in
  8. How can we ensure that each and everyone will subtitle their caption?
  9. We looked at Wikipedia, and how the power of volunteers enabled that almost impossible tasks to happen
  10. And so we created the technology that combines the power of volunteers
  11. with the power of the internet
  12. So that each and everyone of us can participate in making sure
  13. that every video on the web is subtitled
  14. and captioned
  15. The video can live anywhere and you can pull it in to Universal Subtitles
  16. subtitle it, and then upload it back where it lived before
  17. There's an eight year old little boy who wants so badly to share a video with his grandmother who does not speak English
  18. So, he subtitles the video into Spanish
  19. So that it can then be shared with his grandmother
  20. And that's the power of this type of technology
  21. Our dream, our vision and our passion is that every video on the web
  22. is subtitled and captioned
  23. Which would allow all of us to participate fully in the world we live in