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Afficher la révision 7 créée 12/08/2019 par Michel Smits.

  1. [Sinister brass sound]
  2. - [Narrator] True!
  3. Nervous --
  4. very, very dreadfully nervous I am.
  5. But why will you say I'm mad?
  6. The disease has sharpened my senses --
  7. not destroyed, not dulled them.
  8. Above all was my sense of hearing acute.
  9. I heard all things
    in heaven and in the earth.
  10. And I heard many things in hell.
  11. How, then, am I mad?
  12. Hearken and observe how healthily, --
  13. how calmly I can tell you the whole story.
  14. [Sinister brass sound]
    [Heart beats]
  15. It is impossible to say how
    the idea first entered my brain, --
  16. but once conceived, --
  17. it haunted me day and night.
  18. I loved the old man.
  19. He never wronged me.
  20. He never insulted me.
  21. But, I think it was the eye.
  22. He had the eye of a vulture.
  23. A pale blue eye, with a film over it.
  24. Whenever it fell upon me,
    my blood ran cold.
  25. And so, very gradually, --
  26. I made up my mind to take
    the life of the old man, --
  27. and rid myself the eye forever.
  28. [Clapping sound]
  29. At this point, you fancy me mad.
  30. [Dark ambient sound]
  31. But how wisely I proceeded --
  32. with what caution, --
  33. with what foresight, --
  34. with what dissimulation, --
  35. I went to work.
  36. I did this for seven long nights.
  37. But I found the eye was always closed.
  38. And so, it was impossible to do the work.
  39. For it was not the old man
    that vexed me, --
  40. but his evil eye.
  41. [Dark ambient sound intensifies]
  42. - And every morning, --
    - Did you still sleep through the night?

  43. - when day broke,
  44. Well, you’ve endured
    this false gravity for so long.
  45. - I offered only the esteem he deserved.
  46. It will be impossible
    to replace your talents here.
  47. - And he would have had
    to be a very clever man indeed.
  48. But, luckily, your training skills
    have matched that of your work.
  49. - To suspect that every night.
  50. You're undoubtedly cut out
    for your next phase in life.
  51. - I watched over him while he slept.
  52. [Ominous music]
  53. - Never before the eighth night
    had I felt the extent of my own powers --
  54. of my sagacity.
  55. [Chuckles]
  56. [Malign laugh]
  57. Who’s there?
  58. - Death had him stalked
    with his black shadow before him.
  59. Ship. Åpne vinduet.
  60. - His room still black
    as pitch with the thick darkness.
  61. It is nothing but creaks
    in the old floor panels.
  62. - That dull blue vulture's eye,
    with a hideous veil over it
  63. that chills the very marrow of my bones.
  64. His fear grows louder and louder.
  65. It increases my fury,
  66. as the beating of a drum
    stimulates the soldier into courage.
  67. [Raising voice] So strange a noise as
    this excited me to uncontrollable terror.
  68. And anxiety seized me!
  69. [Squalling]
    [Noise of struggle]
  70. [Squalling]
    [Noise of struggle]
  71. [Squashing noise]
  72. [Squalling]
  73. [Distraught laugh]
  74. ♪[Richard Wagner -
    Siegfried's Funeral March]♪
  75. Yes, --
  76. he was stone dead.
  77. And I am singularly at ease.
  78. As the craft will be discovered
    soon without a corpse, --
  79. I worked hastily, --
  80. but in silence.
  81. [Telecom device rings]
    [Cutting noise]
  82. - [Deputy Chief] wasn't
    scheduled to vacate your ship
  83. prior to the program completion.
  84. What is going on down there?
  85. I awoke from the sound of his pod
    as it expelled from our vessel.
  86. I worry of his sudden flee.
  87. Space is always as dark as midnight.
  88. Has there been a terrible accident?
  89. We'll rendezvous with this pod soon.
  90. An investigation unit will
    dock with you shortly.
  91. [Metal panel sound]
  92. [creaking plastic]
  93. No human eye, not even his, --
  94. could detect anything wrong.
  95. There was nothing more to wash out.
  96. No stain of any kind,
    no blood spot whatsoever.
  97. [Dark ambient sound]
  98. I opened the airlock with a light heart.
  99. [Alarm sound]
  100. What have I now to fear?
  101. [Airlock doors opening]
  102. Welcome.
  103. Good evening trainee. Let’s get to it.
  104. A screech was audible prior
    to the unscheduled departure.
  105. Likely the clunky air release
    as he entered the pod.
  106. This vessel is beginning to age severely.
  107. We'd like to take a look
    around his quarters.
  108. We hope to discover clues
    for the reason of his departure.
  109. Certainly.
  110. Right this way.
  111. I showed them his quarters, --
  112. secure, undisturbed.
  113. ♪[Maurice Ravel -
    Oiseaux Triste]♪
  114. The investigators were satisfied
    as my manner convinced them.
  115. - [Lieutenant] I barely knew him,
    but he trained a few of my friends.
  116. How long were you stationed here together?
  117. - [Narrator] 400 revs.
  118. He will be absorbed into
    that ghastly atmosphere in due time.
  119. This is disappointing.
  120. We cannot properly bury him.
  121. We'll surely find his body
    before he reaches the atmosphere.
  122. I wished them gone.
  123. -[Lieutenant] Perhaps
    his brilliance led to --
  124. eccentricities.
  125. -[Officer] Undetected after all this time?
  126. Impossible.
  127. My head ached.
  128. Or maybe, apprehension over his impending
    promotion pushed him over the edge.
  129. [Sudden strident sound]
  130. All those years on this systems --
  131. Why would they not be gone?
  132. -- I can’t understand how you guys do it.
  133. With the knowledge --
  134. pushes humanity forward.
  135. And, the beauty is undeniable.
  136. It’s great until you’re driven
    insane from it.
  137. Oh God!
  138. What can I do?
    It's possible they cannot hear?
  139. Perhaps its time to return
    and deliver our report.
  140. - No! No! They heard!
    -[Lieutenant] Yes.
  141. They are making a mockery of this horror!
  142. [Heart beats]
  143. Anything is better than this agony!
  144. It is peaceful out here, though.
  145. Anything is more tolerable
    than this derision!
  146. I sometimes wish for
    an extended investigation --
  147. so close to these massive bodies.
  148. I could bear those
    hypocritical smiles no longer!
  149. I want to scream or die!
  150. [Dark ambient sound]
  151. [Thumping sound]
  152. [Screeching]
    [Thumping sound]
  153. [Pastoral choir]
  154. [Squalling]
    [Squashing sound]
  155. And now, again!
  156. Hark!
  157. Louder!
  158. [Screeching]
  159. Louder!
  160. Louder!
  161. [Screaming]
  162. Louder!
  163. Villains!
  164. Dissemble no more!
    I admit the deed!
  165. Here, here!
  166. It is the beating of his hideous heart!
  167. [Sinister brass sound]
    [Beating heart]
  168. Now, --
  169. at the dead hour of the night, --
  170. [Locking sound]
  171. amid the dreadful silence of space, --
  172. I’m satisfied in the wild
    audacity of my triumph.
  173. The eye would trouble me nevermore.
  174. ♪[W.A. Mozart - Lacrimosa]♪