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  1. Recover your email messages
  2. Are messages missing that you believe should be in your Yahoo Mail?
  3. Is it possible that they are in a different folder?
  4. If you know the sender’s name or when the email arrived...
  5. ...try sorting the folder to make the message easier to find
  6. Try searching for anything you can remember about the message
  7. Make sure a filter isn’t sending messages to the wrong folder by mistake
  8. If messages are still missing, we can try to restore them
  9. but with no guarantee that we can recover specific emails
  10. We will reset your mailbox back to the last time you saw the missing messages
  11. We can try to restore emails lost within the last 7 days
  12. We can’t restore email older than 7 days
  13. Let’s say you last saw the messages 3 days ago
  14. Messages from 3 to 7 days ago might be restored
  15. Messages more recent than 3 days will be permanently deleted
  16. Back up any of these messages you want to keep before you ask us to restore your email!
  17. Back up emails by forwarding them to another email address
  18. Save Yahoo Messenger conversations by copying them to text files
  19. Are your important recent messages backed up?
  20. Then you’re ready to submit your mail restore request
  21. Click the gear icon
  22. Select Help
  23. Enter SLN2552 in the search box, exactly as shown
  24. Click Search Help
  25. First read this help page completely
  26. Then click the Restore Request link or button
  27. Select the option that best describes your situation
  28. Select the number of hours or days that have passed since you last saw the missing messages
  29. Remember—any messages you’ve received since this point in time will be deleted!
  30. Enter the security code
  31. Submit your request
  32. We have your request!
  33. You should see your mailbox restored in about 24 hours