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Music video by The Stranglers performing Golden Brown. Taken from the album 'La Folie'

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Afficher la révision 1 créée 05/10/2014 par Ira Hanson.

  1. Golden brown, texture like sun
  2. Lays me down, with my mind she runs
  3. Throughout the night, no need to fight
  4. Never a frown with golden brown
  5. Every time, just like the last
  6. On the ship, tied to the mast
  7. To distant lands, takes both my hands
  8. Never a frown with golden brown
  9. Golden brown, fine a temptress
  10. Through the ages she’s heading west
  11. From far away, stays for a day
  12. Never a frown with golden brown
  13. (Never a frown)
  14. Never a frown
  15. (with golden brown)
  16. with golden brown
  17. (Never a frown)
  18. Never a frown
  19. (with golden brown)
  20. with golden brown
  21. (Never a frown)
  22. Never a frown
  23. (with golden brown)
  24. with golden brown
  25. (Never a frown)
  26. Never a frown
  27. (with golden brown)
  28. with golden brown
  29. (Never a frown)
  30. Never a frown