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I am a person that maintains an open mind and is willing to try out new things that I know very well will benefit me in the long run. As a high school student, I learned how to create 2-D models using a program called Architectural Series 3000 for some of the projects we were assigned such as constructing a 2-D model of our high school campus and inanimate objects. Pro Engineer Wildfire 4.0 was another program that I had to chance to work with which involved constructing 3-D models of houses as well as other objects such as having created our own push and pull toy for a child. I also had the chance to learn French when I barely started my freshman year at high school where I, later on, continued to study the language at a community college. I also obtained my Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. I can speak, write, and understand English, Spanish, and French and realize that it is a lifelong process that must be constantly addressed as it is a skill that can be improved. Most of my free time is spent reading online articles in both Spanish and French as well as using other resources in order to enrich my vocabulary and enhance my language skills. At one point I was even given the task to help translate content from English to Spanish for this company known as Digital Leisure where I, later on, was credited for my efforts. I am proud to be on this platform and a part of TED.
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