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Will There Be An Interstellar 2 Movie?

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Interstellar was one of the best sci fi movies for science geeks like us. It was directed by Christopher Nolan. It covered so many interesting scientific topics from wormholes to time dilation. But in the end, for some audiences this movie felt a little incomplete. Although it’s normal for all Nolan movies, but some people want to see a sequel to it.

So is there going to be an interstellar 2?

Before asking this question let’s first think about what’s left in the original storyline. It may felt like the movie was little incomplete but all the scientific facts and theories were perfectly covered in this movie. I guess that’s what Nolan’s primary goal was and he did it pretty well. So there’s not much ground left for a sequel. Also Nolan’s not that kinda person. He has this unique style of ending in all of his movies, which makes the audience interested in more. But he never made any sequel. Well, except for batman. But if he does, then it’s gonna ruin the realistic nature of this movie.

But what we may see is, another great science related movie by Christopher Nolan. That’ll be so cool. He’s going to release another movie on 2020. We still don’t know much about it yet. All we can do now is to wait and hope that it’s somehow related to science.

By the way, what’s your favourite sci fi movies except interstellar? Comment down below...

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