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  1. Death sucks.
  2. [Bus honking]
  3. But what happens to your body after you die
  4. is fascinating.
  5. So we're going to show you.
  6. Don't worry. It won't be gross.
  7. Much.
  8. Once a person's breathing stops,
  9. the cells in their body stop receiving oxygen.
  10. But the cells continue to live
  11. for several minutes,
  12. generating carbon dioxide.
  13. Carbon dioxide is acidic
  14. and it builds up,
  15. rupturing sacs inside the cells.
  16. These sacs contain enzymes
  17. that begin to digest the cells
  18. from the inside out.
  19. This creates a blister-like fluid
  20. rich in nutrients.
  21. After about a week, those nutrients
  22. fuel an army of bacteria
  23. and fungi that further
  24. liquefy organs and muscles.
  25. The microbes that attack the tissue
  26. produce a bewildering array
  27. of more than 400 chemicals and gasses.
  28. They include:
  29. Freon: that's right, the coolant found in refrigerators.
  30. Benzene: a powerful component in gasoline.
  31. Sulfur: which smells of swamps
  32. and rotten eggs.
  33. And a molecule known as Carbon Tetrachloride
  34. which was used in fire extringuishers
  35. and dry cleaning, until scientists
  36. discovered it's highly toxic.
  37. At this point, there's very little flesh left
  38. and it's consumed by – here it comes –
  39. maggots and beetles.
  40. Insects leave only bones behind.
  41. Over time, the protein in bone decomposes, too.
  42. Leaving just the bone mineral called
  43. Hydroxyapatite
  44. which eventually turns to dust.
  45. We can take some solace in the fact
  46. that all those nutrients and chemicals,
  47. even the dust,
  48. provide vital substances that
  49. make soils fertile,
  50. sprouting plants and other new life
  51. after our lives have ended.
  52. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.