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  1. The mission of the Volvo Group IP department
  2. is to drive the creation and use of IP to support profitability,
  3. competitiveness and growth cross products,
  4. supply chain and Research and Development.
  5. The department manages around 8000 patents,
  6. 4000 designs and 3500 trademarks, and these numbers constantly evolve.
  7. Volvo Group Intellectual Property department drives and supports a crucial
  8. but not for everyone obvious, process in our business!
  9. However, it is up to all of us to support the department in the best way possible.
  10. They need to know what designs
  11. inventions and trademarks we are working on in order to help us.
  12. Moreover, if you for example visit a trade fair and notice that pirate parts are for sale -
  13. you should report this to Volvo Group IP immediately.
  14. For more information on responsibilities
  15. and decision-making within the area of intellectual property,
  16. please visit the page on Violin or the Volvo Group Management System
  17. and read the Intellectual Property Management Directive
  18. and take a look at the process Manage Intellectual Property and its sub-processes.