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  1. hello, the average european sleeps 8h/day. And so do I

  2. this kind of sleep is called monophasic sleep. Because you sleep one time a day.
  3. two thirds awake, one third asleep. But there is also
  4. biphasic sleep, where you sleep 6h at night and half hour powernap
  5. or even triphasic where you sleep 4.5h through the night and then two power naps of half an hour each
  6. in fact this is called polyphasic sleep because you sleep
  7. many times throught the day rather than one time at night
  8. and you may wonder. How is this even possible?
  9. well, the normal sleep is composed of 4 to 5 dreaming episodes
  10. or REM in yello, which in total take 2h. And the rest, the other 6h in blue are just deep sleep
  11. it turns out you can feel rested if you only do the dreaming phases
  12. the REM phases. And I'm going to attempt just that.
  13. I will sleep 2h/day for 6 months. (exclamation!!)
  14. following this schedule
  15. and I need your help. I want to share my sleeping data with the world
  16. but obviously I need to measure it. So I need...
  17. an activity monitor connected to my computer
  18. and I need a sleep recorder. Which is going to be
  19. a head band which records the brain waves (zeo mobile)
  20. and it has to be connected to an Android phone
  21. and transmits through the night all the brainwaves from my head.
  22. and I also need hosting so I can write a blog, everyday
  23. explaining my experience in English, Spanish and French.
  24. so please help me and donate. Thank you.