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  1. I think what Ushahidi does is, it allows people to participate.

  2. You know. Instead of one organization saying that here's what happened.
  3. I think this is an opportunity for everyone to create the narrative.
  4. Making it many to many instead of one to many.
  5. like we've been accustomed.
  6. I think a lesson to learn here
  7. is that aid is more effective if the loop is round.
  8. When you implement the program where you collect
  9. data. You can close the loop by feeding back information
  10. to the citizens in a useful way and in a format they can use.
  11. When the post election violence broke in Kenya
  12. I had been covering the election quite a bit on my blog
  13. and in that process, the disconnect
  14. from what I was hearing from my sources and what
  15. was happening in the media was very wide.
  16. And as I posted the idea of what became Ushahidi
  17. onto my blog.
  18. Eric got in touch.
  19. That was home for me. Kenya's always been home for me.
  20. It's where my network runs deepest on the continent.
  21. Ushahidi became successful because we have
  22. the support of the Kenyan bloggers.
  23. We ended up with more than a hundred and thirty one
  24. unique IP addresses submitting information into the mashup
  25. of one three month period.
  26. And so that was Ushahidi saying ok, here is
  27. a very simple rudimentary application
  28. that allows us to get reports from ordinary people.
  29. Saying what's going on around them in this crazy,
  30. chaotic space that was Kenya at the time.
  31. Ushahidi at the time we built it, which was 2 years ago,
  32. was already 3 year old technology.
  33. Anybody in the world could have built this three
  34. years prior to when we built it.
  35. So the technology was nothing new or ground breaking.
  36. And still isn't.
  37. It's a use of this technology in a more dynamic way
  38. that is ground breaking.
  39. To me, saving one life alone, has validated Ushahidi entirely.
  40. so that makes a big difference.
  41. I'm completely satisfied.