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  1. We are a big global company,
  2. and working with intellectual property in a consistent way
  3. is a cornerstone for our success!
  4. The Volvo Group Intellectual Property,
  5. or Volvo Group IP department is responsible
  6. for securing our way of working with intellectual property.
  7. Apart from being experts within the fields
  8. of trademark, design, patents and other intellectual property rights,
  9. the department supports all parts of the Volvo Group organization with knowledge.
  10. Volvo Group IP also decides on certain patent
  11. and design matters together with selected IP Business Partners.
  12. The department also handles securing, enforcing existing intellectual property rights
  13. and defending Volvo Group from possible IP related claims from others.
  14. These are the roles and responsibilities we have within Volvo Group IP.