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SUZANNE POWELL, El Reset Colectivo y el Camino hacia el Despertar de la Humanidad

  • 0:28 - 0:33
    Collective Reset and the Way to Awakening Humanity
  • 0:35 - 0:44
    It's time to wake up, to wake up on a collective level, as this is the only way to jointly transmit to one another
  • 0:44 - 0:58
    — to codify our minds, as Celeste just said, to motivate one another, as Victor Brossa said yesterday: “One person wakes up 100” —
  • 0:58 - 1:09
    to live in the present, to believe in ourselves, to unite, to bring our hearts together. This is more profound than it sounds: to be totally conscious.
  • 1:09 - 1:22
    Suzanne is a Philosophical Psychiatrist, a Specialist in Orthomolecular Nutrition, who teaches courses in Zen Healing. We’re talking about a well-known person.
  • 1:22 - 1:33
    She’s Irish, but has lived here in Barcelona for many years. Many of you know her, and she's going to talk about “Collective Reset.”
  • 1:33 - 1:45
    It’s funny, because she says here “that we must walk the path of awakening and send everything to the recycle bin that doesn't allow us to advance” —the comparison is with computers — so we have to do a reset.
  • 1:45 - 1:56
    We all know what a reset is, right Pedro? — a collective reset towards an awakening of humanity. Here is the well-known Suzanne Powell.
  • 1:56 - 2:11
    Buenas Tardes. Good afternoon. It's a pleasure to be here with you all. How much time to I have, Miguel?
  • 2:11 - 2:20
    An hour? Let's take full advantage of this hour. If I'm given 2 hours, I talk for 2 hours; if 3, I'll talk for 3.
  • 2:20 - 2:36
    I'm being touched; that makes 2. This is the power of attraction, the law — in less than 1 minute, I've been touched by 2 men.
  • 2:36 - 2:46
    It doesn't matter — they use any excuse — “move over here a little bit” — “let me put on your microphone.”
  • 2:46 - 3:05
    What is a reset? What does this mean? I imagine that today in our modern world we all have a computer at home, right? And you know that, when the computer begins to slow down, is sluggish, lost its "oomph" —
  • 3:05 - 3:12
    What needs to be done? If you don't have the expertise, you need to call a technician.
  • 3:12 - 3:27
    If we think about ourselves as biological computers, the same thing can happen to us. We start to weaken, to go slowly, our software has no “oomph,”
  • 3:27 - 3:41
    things are not working for us, we go into a “working-incorrectly mode.” We might also need a technician. So where do we go?
  • 3:41 - 3:58
    To the doctor, that's bad — to the psychiatrist, even worse, — to a psychologist, perhaps you´ll be a bit luckier. But normally we don't find a solution for all our problems.
  • 3:58 - 4:14
    Here’s where I come in: to reset, to help you remake your life. I have been trying to help people for years because I've lived my own experiences.
  • 4:14 - 4:26
    I’m not going to give you information based on the theories of other people, ideas of other human beings that are in their books or on their DVDs.
  • 4:26 - 4:41
    I'm simply going to use my own experiences as a base. Let me explain. 27 years ago I was declared terminally ill by the doctors. I was told that with this terminal cancer,
  • 4:41 - 4:53
    that I had a 1 in 100 chance of staying alive. I was just 20 years old, and with such a desire to live that I went to the doctor and I said, “I'm sorry, I haven’t got time to die.
  • 4:53 - 5:11
    What are my possibilities of getting out of this?" He looked at me and thought, “What shall I tell this poor dear?” You have a 1 out of 100 chance of survival.” I thought for a minute and said, “I'm that 1!"
  • 5:11 - 5:26
    “What do I have to do, because I’m not going to go through the medical protocol.” He looked at me terrified, thinking “This poor little unconscious girl.” I signed a paper rejecting the treatment.
  • 5:26 - 5:38
    I went home and I told my parents that the doctors had told me that I was going to die — that that was just silly. I packed my bag, and I came here to Spain.
  • 5:38 - 5:51
    Imagine the scene at home! "She's crazy!" Well, I've always been a little crazy, but this was the last straw!
  • 5:51 - 6:01
    I came to do a sabbatical year at the University of Barcelona, and I came here with a cry, “Is there Anybody up there?”
  • 6:01 - 6:10
    I’d been in a Nun’s school all my life. I needed a sign. “What do I have to do? I want to live.” And I thought,
  • 6:10 - 6:26
    “If there's someone up there, I promise that if I heal, I will dedicate the rest of my life to give hope to those who are in a similar situation.”
  • 6:26 - 6:39
    And here I am, 27 years later — total miraculous remission. I no longer had asthma; I was no longer allergic to the sun. All illness left me.
  • 6:39 - 6:53
    And there I was with a huge commitment, bound to the promise I’d made. This drove me to find solutions.
  • 6:53 - 7:07
    All this healing took place thanks to a series of, let’s say, tools that appeared along my path. I began to control my diet — the whole subject of nutrition.
  • 7:07 - 7:22
    I studied about supplementation, orthomolecular medicine. I began an internship; I started a type of practice, began working with different laboratories, etc., etc.
  • 7:22 - 7:40
    But I saw that it wasn't just about nutrition. I began studying geobiological techniques. I accumulated a lot of diplomas but people continued to be sick. They needed other solutions.
  • 7:40 - 7:55
    During these years I also had a person at my side who was at that time my partner, and my friend, and my life teacher.
  • 7:55 - 8:05
    Before his death some 6 years ago, I remember in a meeting he said, “I'm still waiting for you all to wake up.”
  • 8:06 - 8:15
    During the 17 years I knew this fantastic man, he had never used the words ‘wake up’.
  • 8:15 - 8:31
    He died 15 days later, and as I had had a long stretch working by his side on holistic subjects, and above all on energetic subjects, I did consider myself to be awake.
  • 8:31 - 8:39
    But what did this mean? I can still see his face, which showed frustration: “I'm still waiting for you all to awaken.” This is engraved within me.
  • 8:39 - 8:52
    So I began to study what “to awaken” really meant, only to find out that I was just as asleep as the rest of humankind.
  • 8:52 - 9:09
    My daughter was born, and she has become perhaps my greatest life teacher after this experience. And much of what I'm going to share with you — she has been my great inspiration — and you're going to be surprised.
  • 9:09 - 9:28
    Those of you who know me, know that I give what I call Zen courses, which means consciousness about your life. This has nothing to do with Zen Buddhism, nor with religions, nor with beliefs.
  • 9:28 - 9:43
    Zen means to me consciousness about your life, to know what you think, to know what you're saying, and to recognize how you act 24 hours a day. Zen.
  • 9:43 - 10:00
    For me, Zen is a daily practice. I teach it free of charge. I speak at conferences about consciousness and about awakening, also free of charge,
  • 10:00 - 10:13
    and I have a practice where I help people holistically, body, mind and spirit, and I do this free of charge. Now people ask me, “How do you make a living?”
  • 10:13 - 10:27
    I collaborate with an ethical bank called “Divine Providence”, which pertains to the New Paradigm. ...We'll get there...
  • 10:27 - 10:36
    When a patient arrives at my practice, they are surprised at first — “How is it that it's free of charge?”
  • 10:36 - 10:51
    "This is 15 to 20 minutes — sit down and tell me whatever you want. No time to talk [about this]." And I listen to an incredible self-sabotage:
  • 10:51 - 11:01
    “My life is a disaster, everything's going wrong, look at the health I have, in love and money everything is horrible.”
  • 11:01 - 11:17
    I check them over, and during this check-up, I use the capacity I have to go inside their biological computer, which has a program within its hard disk.
  • 11:17 - 11:32
    But the patients cannot access this program because they have a lot of erroneous software that’s blocking access to it. An where does this software come from?
  • 11:32 - 11:52
    Our education, family patterns, fears — Everything that they have been putting into our little heads from when we’re born until we go to the grave is programming, mental codification.
  • 11:52 - 12:17
    And I have to navigate in their programs, look for the root of the problem, get around all this erroneous software, put it into the - what's it called? - the recycle bin, leaving the operating system running smoothly,
  • 12:17 - 12:36
    just like a technician, so that they can access their hard disk. And what's in the hard disk? “Who am I, where do I come from, and where the heck am I going?”
  • 12:36 - 12:53
    Don't you all have these questions in your head? “What on earth am I doing here? What sense does all this make, that I'm stuck on this planet called Earth in the middle of this Universe?”
  • 12:53 - 13:01
    Don't you ask yourselves these questions, or do you accept it as a given?
  • 13:01 - 13:22
    If you knew how marvelous, grandiose, how sovereign you are — divine co-creators of your existence — you wouldn’t say all these horrible things you say.
  • 13:22 - 13:34
    And why don’t you have this understanding? It's not interesting. No need to know about this, because the "system" doesn't like people who are awake.
  • 13:34 - 13:51
    When we do the reset at my practice, it's like we take a heavy load off the patient's back.
  • 13:51 - 14:02
    When they begin to feel lighter, and this 5-minute session finishes, I teach them how to reprogram their life.
  • 14:02 - 14:13
    I touch their arm and I say: “Your wishes are my command.” Huh? This sounds like Aladdin: “Your wish is my command”.
  • 14:13 - 14:29
    And I say, "Imagine now, that you have an operating system, that you are a biological computer, that you are the author of your own story,
  • 14:29 - 14:44
    you are the playwright of your own masterpiece that you are creating during your lifetime — it will only be as you think and as you say.”
  • 14:44 - 15:01
    And they look at me in fright when I tell them, “Everything you think and everything you say from here forward will become reality.” “That's horrible,” but understand, they are aware and saying
  • 15:01 - 15:11
    — “How frightening!” "And If I do it wrong, if I say it wrong….” I just answer that it's always been that way.
  • 15:11 - 15:22
    The difference is that you weren’t aware of it. “But that's so difficult,” and I answer, “If you believe it is, then it will be.”
  • 15:22 - 15:40
    How about if we do a reprogramming? I only want you to think about your dream, a marvelous reality that you desire to live, in this life, at a future time.
  • 15:40 - 15:51
    We’ll bring it to the present, we’ll capture it on your program and you’ll begin to discover a new reality.
  • 15:51 - 16:03
    “Oh, that's fantastic —how do you do that?” Who would like to think that you could come, and we’d erase it all and start again — a new life?
  • 16:03 - 16:16
    Yes? Yes! Yes! It's so easy that it seems impossible, but I'm going to explain how it’s done.
  • 16:16 - 16:29
    At that moment — Besides, we’ll do a collective reset here, with the little group here today, and you'll be able to feel and experiment with what it's like to get that weight off your back,
  • 16:29 - 16:49
    because you'll be able to connect with your hard disk from then on. When will we do it? Look, I tell a patient, after the 5-minute reset, after overcoming all this software, “What is your new life like?”
  • 16:49 - 17:07
    And immediately the smile grows bigger and they say, “I'm so happy!” I ask, “Where do you live?” “I have a house in the country with flowers, a precious garden, little animals, the family.”
  • 17:07 - 17:13
    “And how do you feel?” “So peaceful and calm.” Each one enjoys creating their own reality.
  • 17:13 - 17:28
    “How's work going?” “It's like it isn't a job. I live doing what I like. The hours just fly by.” "Do you have a love-life?” ”Oh! I have the person of my dreams by my side, my family, everything..."
  • 17:28 - 17:49
    They really enjoy themselves. There was one gentleman who jumped out of his chair and said, "BEEP BEEP" ("Mother F#&%ing great!"), something about his mother... with the joy of, “Wow, this is fantastic!”
  • 17:49 - 18:02
    So from this moment on you become conscious, aware of what you want. It's a change of feeling from “I don't want this” to “This is what I want.”
  • 18:02 - 18:17
    When we do this reprogramming, we must think that we’ve reached the end result. But be careful — here come the little trick that you have to remember...with total awareness.
  • 18:17 - 18:34
    Surely you’ve all seen the movie “The Secret,” right? And you've tried it, right? Most likely you've gotten your hopes up and lost hope soon after. Am I right?
  • 18:34 - 18:45
    "Yeah, I ask for my check....and what did I get? Parking tickets, invoices.. This doesn't work.” Did that happen?
  • 18:45 - 19:02
    It's because the Law of Opposites exists in parallel with the Law of Attraction. One cannot exist without the other. What is the Law of Opposites?
  • 19:02 - 19:23
    When you ask for something, remember that we live in a third dimension experience in this Universe, we've arrived at a third dimension, at a duality experience. What is duality?
  • 19:23 - 19:38
    Opposites: light-darkness, up-down, etc. When you ask for a check, it gives you the opposite —just so you don't think you're such a hotshot—
  • 19:38 - 20:00
    Where you focus your attention, the only thing the Cosmos does is expand it. So if your attention is focused on joy and happiness, the Cosmos will expand this vibration and will give you more of the same.
  • 20:00 - 20:11
    But if you put your attention on disasters — “I totally lack abundance" — what will the Cosmos do? It expands them.
  • 20:11 - 20:30
    Where you place intention — with passion — you put more weight on those scales of duality. You need to focus your intensions on what you want and avoid what you don't want,
  • 20:30 - 20:42
    because the Cosmos does not understand, does not interpret the word "No." It interprets vibration, frequencies.
  • 20:42 - 21:07
    Therefore, if I say, for example: "I call into my life a marvelous, strong, tall & handsome man, with the sex appeal of Richard Gere , charismatic." — There's a lot of these around, right?
  • 21:07 - 21:29
    And the Cosmos — now I hope no one will take this personally here — the Cosmos gifts me with a fat, short, ugly, flabby bald man—
  • 21:29 - 21:44
    and what do I do? Where do I place my attention? “But I asked for Richard Gere, and I get this dud?”
  • 21:44 - 21:55
    What am I feeling? What is the sensation that I'm vibrating in? Well, the Cosmos will only give me more of the same.
  • 21:55 - 22:13
    This is what happens with the Law of Attraction and the Law of Opposites. You ask; you get your gift", and then you say, "I'm disappointed — this doesn't work." So, I’m left to do without.
  • 22:13 - 22:38
    But if I change, and I say, “Hi, there, nice to meet you, but I asked for Richard Gere . I love you, here's a big hug, but I'm busy” — I take my attention off the Law of Opposites and I put it back on Richard Gere.
  • 22:38 - 22:48
    (Has anybody got Richard Gere's email address?) I focus again on what I want, and I don’t get distracted with what I don't want.
  • 22:48 - 23:06
    Or I can do something else: I ask for a clean-shaven man, sharp looking, well groomed, etc. And a bearded gentleman shows up. I say: “I just can't stand guys with beards.” (that's a joke)
  • 23:06 - 23:20
    In the East, they say that you cannot trust a man under 55 years old with a beard. He’s hiding something. I see a couple of them out there — He's hiding something.
  • 23:20 - 23:35
    A man in the Orient can only wear a beard once he's 55, because that’s the sign of wise man — and they let it grow down to their ankles, really long. “The longer, the wiser,” they say.
  • 23:35 - 23:50
    I can say I don't want a bearded man, and what will the Cosmos give me? Loads of men with a beards! So what do I do with the inevitable man with a beard?
  • 23:50 - 24:08
    I give him love, I fall in love with him, I get over my hang-up, I pass the test — ——and he shaves — there you go!
  • 24:08 - 24:22
    I've passed the test. They say God gives you what you don't like so that you learn to love it. You've grown, you've evolved. Get rid of that codification.
  • 24:22 - 24:31
    What's the matter with beards? OK, your father wore a beard and he was cruel, so you've associated this idea with bearded men.
  • 24:31 - 24:41
    After all of this, are you going to grow a beard? Are you? Me, too — a rebel — I like that.
  • 24:41 - 24:53
    And this small detail, is so important — there's another one who's smiling at me, like saying "oh no" — this small detail is so important to your focus on life.
  • 24:53 - 25:04
    Likewise, if you ask for prosperity, you must vibrate in abundance, in prosperity. What has the system taught us?
  • 25:04 - 25:21
    We are taught to save up for tomorrow. If you vibrate in "I have to save this because I might need this in the future," I am creating a vibration of future lack.
  • 25:21 - 25:35
    What is abundance? Abundance is having today what you need today to be able to do what you want to do today. Tomorrow will be another "today" when it arrives.
  • 25:35 - 25:55
    When I see people who are drowning deeply in their own drama — Imagine that someone would come and say to you, "I'm sorry, you've got 10 minutes to live."
  • 25:55 - 26:08
    What is important to you in life right now? LOVE — the love you give and the love you receive. Are the clothes you are wearing important? No!
  • 26:08 - 26:20
    Are the diplomas that you've acquired important? your mortgage? — what's in your bank account? Are they important? No! Hey, it was a joke, you've got 25 years left.
  • 26:20 - 26:32
    Why does what you vibrate, what you feel, have to change, or the things you give importance to change? Is it only because you have more time?
  • 26:32 - 26:49
    I work a lot with people with terminal illnesses. And you just can't imagine when they show up with a death sentence : "You've got a month" — how there’s a complete turnaround.
  • 26:49 - 27:00
    They look back and wish they had given more hugs & kisses, "I wish I'd spent more time with the family, less time at the office."
  • 27:00 - 27:15
    Later, I reset their mind, and with the medical program, the codification "you've got a month" — if you believe it, you'll only have a month.
  • 27:15 - 27:29
    Remember, they sentenced me and I told them, "Goodbye. I'm going to live." 27 years later they're still calling my house every year to see if I'm alive. They can't believe it.
  • 27:29 - 27:39
    In fact, they called me 7 years later to ask me, "What did you do?" If I were to tell you, would you listen ?
  • 27:39 - 27:48
    They called it stupidity — “But something that you're doing is working, so keep doing it.”
  • 27:48 - 28:05
    When I have a cancer patient with a month or a week left, I have to decode all the fear that has been put into them. Because what you fear, you attract.
  • 28:05 - 28:20
    You've seen this in many of life's situations. It is not easy for them to decode this fear. But I have a specific case that I remember,
  • 28:20 - 28:38
    a woman over 50, Concha, who had a tumor between two lobes of the left lung with adherence on the aorta. One month to live — an inoperable tumor.
  • 28:38 - 28:51
    When I decoded her I did the Zen healing to eliminate blockages, to change the frequency, this vibration in her body.
  • 28:51 - 29:00
    I also changed her habits, making her conscious that she was going to live as long as she wanted to.
  • 29:00 - 29:16
    Oddly enough, she received a call 2 weeks later from the hospital to say, "the scanner has revealed that the adherence at the aorta has become unattached. We can now operate."
  • 29:16 - 29:28
    Go ahead!! Another two weeks later, she had the operation, but the doctors went in with the idea that the tumor was still there.
  • 29:28 - 29:40
    They took out the entire left lung, quickly and totally, but the surprise came when she called me from the hospital and said, “Suzanne,
  • 29:40 - 29:53
    I'm alive, but the laboratory called the hospital to ask them why they took out a completely healthy lung.
  • 29:53 - 30:05
    That the only thing they found was a small burnt adherence of 1 cm. in diameter with no tumor activity whatsoever.”
  • 30:05 - 30:16
    Great!! Fantastic!! I'm so glad, but, hey, how did you find out? It's not normal that the system confesses its sins.
  • 30:16 - 30:26
    Well, it turns out that her nephew is a doctor, he was present in the operation, so the information came directly through her family.
  • 30:26 - 30:46
    Today, many years have passed, she still has only one lung, and in spite of scaring her into taking the vaccine for the damned swine flu, she has a good quality of life, lives normally, is active with her grandchildren
  • 30:46 - 31:02
    — and has another way of thinking. This is only a little example of how a reset can improve your physical health — regarding mental health,
  • 31:02 - 31:10
    when a person is deeply depressed, with this Zen technique we can find the root of the problem.
  • 31:10 - 31:26
    And the root of the problem could be on the physical plane, of physical habits, it could be on a mental plane, of psychological conduct, or on a multi-dimensional plane.
  • 31:26 - 31:42
    That's where doctors cannot go...Why? Because their treatments and diagnoses are based on 3 dimensions: what you can measure, touch, see — that's 3D.
  • 31:42 - 31:48
    If you can't see it with your physical eyes, for them it doesn't exist.
  • 31:48 - 32:06
    I had the experience of being in a medical center for six months, collaborating with doctors, invited by them since I work free of charge — yes, for them I’m a social phenomenon.
  • 32:06 - 32:27
    As we shared several patients in common, they took great interest in the way I work — which I was so pleased about — as to how this technique works... with all the excitement and joy I put into my program.
  • 32:27 - 32:46
    I asked them to make a selection of all their patients which were impossible to improve, that did not evolve, that they had no results with, and that they give them all to me.
  • 32:46 - 33:04
    Six months later, they told me it was my fault that they were going to run out of patients. The patients that came to me were always discharged. (Of course, this was a private clinic).
  • 33:04 - 33:24
    Yet they were pleased, they learned the technique, and they were able to understand that there is something much farther out there than just the pure physical realm.
  • 33:24 - 33:38
    If you want to know how this is done, how to work this way, you can see all the courses we have on my blog, and you can sign up. Humanity is looking for solutions.
  • 33:38 - 33:55
    It needs something more. Not everything has to be chemical. But at the same time, when — Has anyone been to the David Icke conference? Great! I'll be able to save on saliva.
  • 33:55 - 34:05
    That's fantastic! Do you know what the system is throwing at us? Bombing us with chemical waves, vibrations, radiations, etc.?
  • 34:05 - 34:20
    With this Zen technique, we cannot be altered, because we have a magnetic field around our body — this is an energetic field, which produces what many call the aura
  • 34:20 - 34:36
    With this technique we learn conscious breathing, which concentrates and compacts your magnetic field, makes it glow and vibrate in high frequencies
  • 34:36 - 34:51
    and any type of vibration — waves, radiation, or frequencies lower or inferior to this frequency — cannot alter you.
  • 34:51 - 34:57
    It cannot infect you, your physical body, or your mind, your mental body.
  • 34:57 - 35:14
    With so many interferences, the nervous system is weakened, the magnetic field is weakened and you become an easy prey for the corrupt system.
  • 35:14 - 35:27
    You are just one more little sheep of the herd, easy to manipulate, and you become a type of zombie walking on the Earth, one more of the herd.
  • 35:27 - 35:42
    "Where do I go? Here?" " Yes, here." But when you are in control of your nervous system, nothing or no one can hurt you. You are conscious.
  • 35:42 - 36:02
    I’m going to do a little test. I’m going to simply demonstrate the electromagnetic fields in our system and how they affect the aura, or that energetic field — how it is weakened.
  • 36:02 - 36:16
    First, you must understand that that energetic field must be round, compact, & wide around you.
  • 36:16 - 36:33
    If you sleep, for example with an electronic clock radio plugged in near your bedside, that electromagnetic field affects your magnetic field 8 hours every day.
  • 36:33 - 36:48
    That's a third of your life! Your magnetic field after 8 hours is weakened, and instead of having a round shape, the side that's OK maintains its shape,
  • 36:48 - 36:58
    but the side where the clock radio is gets very thin or very mushy, very irregular with respect to the opposite side.
  • 36:58 - 37:08
    With this test which I'm going to do, that's a lot of fun, because people are horrified with it — “Oh! What can I do?”
  • 37:08 - 37:27
    If I breathe consciously, concentrating the magnetic field with the Zen technique — imagine that I’m a rather big, compact balloon, and I put a person there
  • 37:27 - 37:45
    — I'm going to get a guinea-pig out of the audience, a volunteer, of course — OK, I've got one — but it should be a person who has this type of influences in order to do this demonstration.
  • 37:45 - 37:54
    OK? And we will see how we fix this all up in just a few seconds, how we restore their magnetic field. OK?
  • 37:54 - 38:04
    OK, Sir, since you've offered.... he's almost like Richard Gere — close.
  • 38:04 - 38:16
    Stop! Stop right where you are. (yes, I'm going to need it). Don't move at all.
  • 38:16 - 38:28
    It's going to be 3 men — 3 men who — Stay put, farther back! — farther!
  • 38:28 - 38:35
    I am not going to let him talk. I'm just going to come down here a minute.
  • 38:35 - 38:47
    Can you see this? L rods. There's nothing special about them. You can make them at home with hangers from the dry cleaner's.
  • 38:47 - 38:58
    All you have to do is create this shape — the material is not important. It only prolongs the vibration of what I'm going to do. I'm going to put the microphone down.
  • 38:58 - 39:17
    Sir, can you please rub your hands together a little bit, like “Wow, this'll be good.” You're going to put your hands up this way, and when I tell you to, you’ll come walking towards me
  • 39:17 - 39:24
    — step by step — don't get to excited about this — and we will observe what happens with the rods.
  • 39:24 - 39:41
    If he's really good, perfect, the rods will cross in front of me. Because if you imagine that my balloon hits his balloon, the rods will cross.
  • 39:41 - 39:55
    But on the side where he has blockage, the rod will be stiff, because his magnetic field on that side is so close to his body, that the rod will not touch him.
  • 39:55 - 40:03
    Do you all understand? Am I explaining myself clearly? Yes, well, lets see.
  • 40:03 - 40:27
    Come forward....walk
  • 40:27 - 40:43
    Go back... back !! Do you understand English? Spanish?
  • 40:43 - 40:47
    He's a mess!
  • 40:47 - 41:01
    Shall we fix him up, make him good? — Could we have a voluntary Zen student, please? OK. Fix him up, please. Do conscious breathing...
  • 41:01 - 41:10
    --Bring your arms down, Sir. They're not crossing, meaning you're in bad shape.
  • 41:10 - 41:31
    Conscious breathing, Chakra 7 and I'll tell you when to stop.
  • 41:31 - 41:47
    That's enough. You can be seated now. Thank you. Now the test of fire. Open your eyes. Careful with the cable. (You've got insurance for the conference room?)
  • 41:47 - 42:14
    Hands up! Walk! Go back! Come forward! Go back! Come forward! Go back!
  • 42:14 - 42:36
    Dance a jig!
  • 42:36 - 42:47
    We need a control. Who else?
  • 42:47 - 42:54
    Rub your hands together.
  • 42:54 - 43:12
    So that there will be no accidents, get on this side and if you uncross your legs over here, she won't stumble. Oh, you're getting rid of the cable. Very good. This guy has all the solutions...good.
  • 43:12 - 43:19
    Ready? ....hands up
  • 43:19 - 43:26
    Come forward!
  • 43:26 - 43:43
    Back! Come forward! Back! Come forward! Back!
  • 43:43 - 44:01
    Hum! Let me ask you a question, madam. What do have on this side of your bed? "On the right?" Yes. "I have a computer, but it's disconnected."
  • 44:01 - 44:15
    Disconnected from the wall socket? "Yes, it's disconnected from the wall socket," When we have an electromagnetic field close, it has to be disconnected from the wall socket. What is next to that?
  • 44:15 - 44:26
    "On the left I have an alarm clock, but it’s battery operated." Batteries do not affect [the magnetic field].
  • 44:26 - 44:48
    But you must think, what more is there beyond the computer — some type of electronic apparatus that is plugged in. Think about what is on the other side of the adjoining wall, there could be something
  • 44:48 - 44:59
    — Often there’s electronic equipment, the TV, the refrigerator — all of this goes through walls. OK? You have the shower? Is there anything electric?
  • 44:59 - 45:16
    Where have you been sitting today ? Where? have all the electromagnetic equipment right in front of you. Shall we fix her up or leave her as she is?
  • 45:16 - 45:37
    Come on, we need a volunteer — Come on, Cristina — We're going to make you good, since you came up here.
  • 45:37 - 45:51
    Meanwhile, is there somebody who has an electronic clock radio at home plugged in? OK. You'll come up quickly later and we'll see.
  • 45:51 - 46:02
    That's enough — Ready? — OK.
  • 46:02 - 46:22
    Go back! Come forward! Back! Come forward! Back! Stay back there.
  • 46:22 - 46:35
    Watch: I'm going to go into her magnetic field, now. Watch: I go in, I go out.
  • 46:35 - 46:45
    Here is where the rods come together, can you see?
  • 46:45 - 47:00
    That's too fast to be something that I'm controlling. Can you see? — —Are you happy?
  • 47:00 - 47:15
    Come on big guy, quick. Or they'll start signaling time's up. And I still have to reset you all.
  • 47:15 - 47:19
    He's a little bit closer to Richard Gere, isn't he?
  • 47:19 - 47:31
    Maybe I'll give him the treatment myself!
  • 47:31 - 47:51
    Back. Forward.
  • 47:51 - 48:03
    And which side is the clock radio on? How do you sleep — face up or face down?
  • 48:03 - 48:26
    He has a clock radio on his bedside and he has one side of his energetic field completely blocked. Do you want to be fixed up?
  • 48:26 - 48:34
    OK. Let's see.
  • 48:34 - 48:46
    I haven't lifted up the rods yet — —
  • 48:46 - 49:12
    Play around...
  • 49:12 - 49:23
    That's fun! This awakening means being a child again. I suggest that you stop smoking, OK?
  • 49:23 - 49:32
    With this technique, when you get into someone's magnetic field, you pick up a lot of information.
  • 49:32 - 49:47
    The rods are simply the reflection, the antenna that reveals where the two magnetic fields reach up to, up to the point where they hit — that's when the rods will fold in.
  • 49:47 - 50:02
    Q: "The material of the rods?" It doesn't matter. The type of metal is not important. It's only a projection of yourself on something material.
  • 50:02 - 50:15
    Q:"What about the clock radio?" Unplug it — give the clock radio away, put it in another room. It is not good to be sleeping next to it.
  • 50:15 - 50:25
    I will give talks on this and I will hang it on my blog, so that you can practice and enjoy this at home.
  • 50:25 - 50:37
    We are now going to do the collective reset all together. I would ask you to free yourself of packages and purses, leave everything on the floor
  • 50:37 - 50:47
    — and you are going to close your eyes, and you will simply have to listen.
  • 50:47 - 51:02
    We are going to relearn how to live as co-creators, conscious about our lives, with the joy of that innocent child within,
  • 51:02 - 51:19
    existing only in the Now and confident that we will have everything, all our needs taken care of. We are Divine Beings. OK.
  • 51:19 - 51:35
    With your eyes closed. We try to clear our minds — free —
  • 51:35 - 51:54
    — the nervous system is peaceful— removing any attention to anything from the outside.
  • 51:54 - 52:17
    We're going to our center where there is balance, harmony, peace — our own Divine Essence
  • 52:17 - 52:32
    — remembering in your heart that before you were born you made a program, a program for your life, for your evolution
  • 52:32 - 52:58
    — knowing that an easy road exists, without resistance, which flows freely, which leads to that point of harmony where you will achieve the realization of your Being,
  • 52:58 - 53:06
    the heights of happiness, joy, love — one with All.
  • 53:06 - 53:15
    You have over there a red luminous velvet throne, where you sit down
  • 53:15 - 53:27
    as co-creator of this Universe, a version of your reality,
  • 53:27 - 53:36
    the most elevated version of your existence, knowing that
  • 53:36 - 53:47
    throughout this long trip, this path, you have been creating all the situations that you needed.
  • 53:47 - 53:59
    You have built all the tests along the way so as to awaken little by little.
  • 53:59 - 54:14
    But in this life, during this existence, you elected to be here at this moment, at the end of a long cycle of 26,000 years.
  • 54:14 - 54:31
    And you are at the door of Buddha-hood, a Christic Being, a Divine Being, a Co-creator.
  • 54:31 - 54:43
    You need to know that during all this time, the tests which have been presented to you are your creations.
  • 54:43 - 54:52
    Now you can, knowing that you have created them, accept everything that comes.
  • 54:52 - 55:00
    Jump into the pool; go directly, guided by your heart,
  • 55:00 - 55:09
    ignoring the mind, so that it can only distract you momentarily.
  • 55:09 - 55:20
    Once you have overcome your tests, you will look back and understand that they weren't much.
  • 55:20 - 55:42
    You've passed the test when you've accepted the test. Do not create resistance — flow along your path, your life, vibrating in love and acceptance.
  • 55:42 - 55:56
    Do you want to go forward? Look around you, at those who are interacting with you — we are all related.
  • 55:56 - 56:07
    When they don't vibrate as you are feeling, forgive them, accept them.
  • 56:07 - 56:20
    Be the change that you want to see in others, without trying to change anyone.
  • 56:20 - 56:31
    At all times, be yourself with all its consequences.
  • 56:31 - 56:49
    We will be silent for a moment, eliminating all this erroneous software in the recycle bin, in order to connect directly with that hard disk.
  • 58:16 - 58:21
    Open your eyes.
  • 58:21 - 58:35
    “Your wishes are my commands.” From now on, everything you think and everything you ask for, and everything you say, everything you feel will become reality.
  • 58:35 - 58:47
    "That's barbaric!" ...If you believe it, that's the way it will be. But you're all thinking, "in day to day activities, what will happen?"
  • 58:47 - 59:04
    "What will I do when I have that mental temper tantrum? What will I do when I start self-sabotaging? What will happen when someone gets to me — when I lose it, when the ego, the personality jumps out?"
  • 59:04 - 59:16
    "What will I do when I stick my foot in my mouth with my words? When I say, “You always do the same thing to me!” “It's always your fault!” “My life is a disaster.”"
  • 59:16 - 59:27
    What will we do? What does a computer programmer do if he doesn't like the program? What does the playwright do when he doesn't like his play?
  • 59:27 - 59:37
    Cancel!! Rectify it! Cancel!! That's it! I cancel!
  • 59:37 - 59:45
    Johanna taught me that — my six year old daughter when I was in the kitchen, she was in the bathroom — she said,
  • 59:45 - 59:55
    "Oh, Mama, look, I have a pimple on the tip of my nose. All the kids at school today are going to laugh at me."
  • 59:55 - 60:05
    And I hear "pirrrah " "pirrrah" pirrrah " "pirrrah". What's that child doing??? I spied on her
  • 60:05 - 60:17
    and I saw her doing "pirrrah " "pirrrah" pirrrah " "pirrrah". “Cancel. Cancel. I'm beautiful. I'm beautiful. I'm beautiful.”
  • 60:17 - 60:24
    She was conscious, aware of the power of her words. I took note!
  • 60:24 - 60:32
    I began doing this in my practice — I began practicing this in my life — I began to see the teacher in my home.
  • 60:32 - 60:42
    Sometimes Mommy's ego gets in the way. When I'd say something that wasn't exactly right, she'd look at me and say, “Mama, cancel.”
  • 60:42 - 60:54
    And I'd say "What?" "Say it: Cancel," she'd insist. She has quite a character. Well, they do say like begets like, don't they?
  • 60:54 - 61:03
    Cancel? Then I would rewind and go: “Oh, yes!” Then “Come on, Johanna, the bus is leaving; you're going to be late for the field trip.”
  • 61:03 - 61:13
    She'd say: “Cancel!” - Oh yes, the bus is waiting and you'll arrive on time…”
  • 61:13 - 61:29
    Then what would she do? She'd start: "c-a-......." And now the only thing she does is ...(take this stance)
  • 61:29 - 61:40
    You can practice this at home, with your partner, with the family, but instead of saying, “See you’re doing exactly what Suzanne said you weren't supposed to do.”
  • 61:40 - 61:56
    What is that? The Ego jumping in! “You're going to tell me about....!!!” What do you have to say to your partner when he or she gets huffy? “Your wishes are my command, dear.”
  • 61:56 - 62:07
    So the person has to rewind and ask, “What did I say?” Mentally, they will say “Cancel” - I rectify".
  • 62:07 - 62:15
    As kids say, “It’s a whiz.” It works. You'll be able to experiment with your partner.
  • 62:15 - 62:27
    Thank you, Johanna, for that lesson — she's back there somewhere saying, “My mother’s making my presence obvious again.”
  • 62:27 - 62:31
    This is the secret, and this is what helps us to live the day to day events.
  • 62:31 - 62:51
    Be aware that the people who get to us, who make our Egos come out, who make us mad, are our teachers who live with us, and who show us that we still haven't reached self-mastery. They’re the ones who get to us.
  • 62:51 - 63:09
    This is like Wayne Dyer, who has a lot of daughters. Two come into the kitchen in the morning for breakfast. One is 13 and the other is 15. The 13-year-old says to her sister,
  • 63:09 - 63:23
    “If you didn't have feet, would you wear shoes?” And the other, with this stupid look on her face, flips back with , “Why are you saying such silly things so early in the morning?”
  • 63:23 - 63:37
    “Tell me, come on — if you didn’t have feet, would you wear shoes?” The father is there, breathing to keep his cool with his adolescent daughters...
  • 63:37 - 63:45
    while the other impertinently says: “Well, of course I wouldn't; why are you asking such a stupid question?”
  • 63:45 - 64:03
    The younger finally says, “So then, why are you wearing a bra?”
  • 64:03 - 64:17
    Admit it — they are our teachers. Because, as the colleague who spoke before me said, what you see out there before you, is just a reflection of yourself.
  • 64:17 - 64:32
    Accept it; show love; admit it; control your impulses, your reactions, because the less reactive your become, the more you are in the Now,
  • 64:32 - 64:50
    the more centered you are, the more you are along your path, evolving, in the purest state of your essence, your Being.
  • 64:50 - 64:55
    Here is where our story ends.
SUZANNE POWELL, El Reset Colectivo y el Camino hacia el Despertar de la Humanidad

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