WHY Ebay Is DEAD everything else TRUMPS sell On Ebay 2018

WHY Ebay Is DEAD everything else TRUMPS sell On Ebay 2018

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Is Ebay dead in 2018? The short answer is YES

Is it going to be profitable in 2018? The short answer is NO

I have sold on ebay part time for years and these are my experiences with ebay as a full time seller over the last year (2017). It really did seem like a good opportunity in the beginning but as I went further down the road it just became more apparent that ebay is not worth it and does not value or care about sellers.


These are just my opinion! If you love ebay and hate what I say then I respect that. We are all entitled to our own opinions. If you're killing it on ebay and somehow are justifying to yourself that it's awesome then I am happy for you and you're awesome! I just prefer to live in reality. And the reality is there are just much better ways to create and income that take much less time and effort. Ebay uses hardworking people to grow it's wallet and we keep the small amount of change they toss on the ground to us.

Thought? Opinions? I'd love to hear them in the comments!!

"Hey what is up everybody I just wanted to shoot this quick video on why I will not continue to sell on ebay in 2018. I've been selling full time on ebay for a year now and it seem like a good opportunity in the beginning but because of what's been happening over the last year now I will be moving the business to a whole another platform that I have not chose yet. I need to do some research but I have a whole lot of items. First off 37% of my gross sales are going straight back into ebay. That's listing fees and a $60 subscription for my store; basically if you are going to be selling full time you have to use their shipping labels. It's going to be too expensive if you try to do it any other way. There's just not enough profit margin to justify spending all that time listing the items and taking pictures. I mean it does take a lot of time. this is hard work. I've had cases opened up where ebay will step in and its the same old story. Refund this persons money or we'll rule in favor of them. They even took away the ability for the sellers to leave any feedback besides positive. The sell has to give positive feedback. You can have a horrible experience with a buyer and they can leave you negative feedback but you can't give them any feedback except positive. That takes all credibility away from ebay..."Reselling on ebay
Whether you are buying or selling ebay is a great tool to find items you want without having to leave the comfort of your couch. As a full time reseller ebay gave me a lot of life options I never knew were possible. Some include the ability to be a stay at home parent, work when you want and where you want thanks to the mobile app, and grow as a person and entrepreneur.
Starting out you can literally source items to sell from your own closet! Growing into a bigger store I chose to source mainly at goodwill outlets otherwise known as ‘the bins’. They sell clothes by the pound and their inventory comes from items that did not sell at good will as well as bags never opened by goodwill due to the amount of donations the receive daily. I will admit the bins may not be the most glamourous place to buy inventory but some of the treasures I have found there would blow your mind. There are many other places to source some being your own home, garage sales, really anywhere goods are sold you could potentially re-sell on ebay. When it comes to profit margins, my best luck has been at the bins .
Listing on ebay is fairly simple; you can make it a more professional and intricate process depending on the caliber of your business and how far you want to take it. That is another great point about ebay, it is a performance based and personal preference platform that allows you to decide how hard you want to work, when you want to work and what kind of work you want to produce.
Like any other customer driven career or platform, you must prepare yourself for questions about items and returns/ refunds. This is the part of the job that can get difficult to deal with but if you prepare yourself for success ahead of time, maybe find a mentor who has done this before, and familiarize yourself with ebays policy’s, this is a factor that can be avoidable.
Ebay is mobile and has an app version; if you have a PC the website is loaded with resources, info, statistics and really useful information about all aspects of ebay. Being a long time full-time reseller, I still learn new things about their website every day. Whether you are looking to make some extra side money, or make ebay your full-time hustle check out my haul videos for brands to look for and specific tips and tricks I’ve learned while reselling. The possibilities of re-selling on ebay are really endless, there will always be people looking for products in the comfort of their own home.

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