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  1. I added fields to my Set Time object.
  2. >> Great.
  3. >> I added the tab so I can see it here, and I have
  4. clicked in, and I am ready. I'm
  5. going to start entering some records. Sound good?
  6. >> Sounds good.
  7. >> Alright. What time shall our first band play at?
  8. Oh, I mean what stage should our first band play at?
  9. >>
  10. [LAUGH]
  11. let's put it at the Udacity stage. And I know that I can go
  12. into the page layout thing and add those other fields if I wanted but.
  13. >> Right.
  14. >> Not.
  15. >> Yup.
  16. >> Too concerned right now. Okay. And, what band should be playing?
  17. >> Search for something. See if they what
  18. about code? There's gotta be a code band.
  19. >> Code Against the Machines, what about that?
  20. >> Code Against the Machines for sure
  21. [LAUGH].
  22. Right and save. So this is our set time record.
  23. >> Right
  24. >> For code against the machine, playing the Udacity stage.
  25. >> Right. So we can see how it links to both the stage and the band.
  26. >> Okay, so let's see what happens if I actually click on Udacity
  27. stage. So this is the stage record, and yeah it's not showing me
  28. any of the bands that are playing here. Which is unfortunately, because I
  29. would love it to. It feels like it should be showing me that.
  30. >> So it should be
  31. showing you that, and it could be showing you
  32. that. How do you think you could add it there?