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The Most Astounding Fact (Neil DeGrasse Tyson)

  • 0:02 - 0:08
    What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?
  • 0:08 - 0:12
    The most astounding fact
  • 0:12 - 0:15
    is the knowledge
  • 0:15 - 0:20
    that the atoms that comprise life on Earth
  • 0:20 - 0:24
    the atoms that make up the human body
  • 0:24 - 0:31
    are traceable to the crucibles that cooked light elements
  • 0:31 - 0:34
    into heavy elements in their core
  • 0:34 - 0:37
    under extreme temperatures and pressures
  • 0:37 - 0:40
    These stars, the high mass ones among them
  • 0:40 - 0:43
    went unstable in their later years
  • 0:43 - 0:51
    they collapsed and then exploded scattering their enriched guts across the galaxy
  • 0:51 - 0:56
    guts made of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen
  • 0:56 - 0:59
    and all the fundamental ingredients of life itself
  • 0:59 - 1:03
    These ingredients become part of gas clouds that
  • 1:03 - 1:09
    condense, collapse, form the next generation of solar systems
  • 1:09 - 1:16
    stars with orbiting planets, and those planets now have the ingredients for life itself
  • 1:16 - 1:19
    So that when I look up at the night sky
  • 1:19 - 1:24
    and I know that yes, we are part of this universe
  • 1:24 - 1:31
    we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts
  • 1:31 - 1:35
    is that the Universe is in us.
  • 1:35 - 1:38
    When I reflect on that fact, I look up-
  • 1:38 - 1:41
    many people feel small because they're small and the Universe is big-
  • 1:41 - 1:49
    but I feel big, because my atoms came from those stars.
  • 1:49 - 1:52
    There's a level of connectivity.
  • 1:52 - 1:56
    That's really what you want in life, you want to feel connected, you want to feel relevant
  • 1:56 - 2:01
    you want to feel like a participant in the goings on
  • 2:01 - 2:04
    of activities and events around you
  • 2:04 - 2:09
    That's precisely what we are, just by being alive...
The Most Astounding Fact (Neil DeGrasse Tyson)

In a video interview with TIME Magazine, Astrophysicist Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was asked "What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the universe?" This is his answer. You can watch the full interview with the link provided. I implore you to check out all the links below.

Now with captions!

Music: "To Build a Home" by the Cinematic Orchestra featuring Patrick Watson

Narration: "10 Questions for Neil Degrasse Tyson"

Edited by Max Schlickenmeyer
Video (in order of appearance):
IMAX: Hubble 3D (Orion)
Yellowstone: Battle for Life (Tree & Waterfall)
Supernova to Crab Nebula
BBC: Wonders of the Solar System (formation of the solar system)
Accretion and First Eukaryotes from the 2011 film "Tree of Life" directed by Terrence Malick
BBC: Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life
"Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia" by Ayrton Orio (human eye)
"mongolia!" by wiissa

Saturn from Cassini Spacecraft
IMAX: Hubble 3D (Inside Orion Nebula)
Shuttle Launch from 1985 IMAX film "The Dream is Alive"
"Earth -- Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over -- NASA, ISS" by Michael Konig
"The Island" by Christoph Malin
"Mars sunset" captured by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit

Neil DeGrasse Tyson goes on to say "For me, that is the most profound revelation of 20th century astrophysics and I look forward to what the 21st century will bring us, given the frontiers that are now unfolding."

Special thanks to Carl Sagan, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and NASA for their inspiration.

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