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  1. [Intro music]
  2. [birds chirping]
  3. and instead of trying to rival with the height of the building
  4. I have made a sculpture which is
  5. so discrete and so sensitive
  6. that my sculpture doesn't have a bone of contention
  7. with the building
  8. [birds chirping]
  9. The beauty of it is that the block of black stone is one with this
  10. so that is quite something
  11. now, this is lost in a lot of people
  12. they don't know how beautiful it is, they don't have to know.
  13. What I'm concerned with this here is vandalism, right?
  14. You see how fragile it is, just to, I'm not going to give you ideas now,
  15. but just a knock on this, and the thing is over.
  16. so it is a leap of faith to put this in an open space
  17. but I take a chance.