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  1. Let's have a very quick look at an example. I'm just going to add some print
  2. statements to these two phases here. So, we are, we are in sys, and we have the
  3. setup and the run phase. So, I'm just adding very simple statements to them to
  4. notify us that the phase actually were activated. you can see that no one is
  5. calling these methods, nothing else is happening, and they're automatically
  6. called. If you run this then you get to not put like this. So here, you can
  7. see, we're starting our test. And you can see, here's our first message in the
  8. setup phase, and here's the second message in the run phase. You can also see
  9. that the tool itself is printing some of these statements by default but these
  10. are the messages we've just added.