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Lil Eyesight Saddie - who's laughing now ft. Flame The Game


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*WARNING* Of The Use Of This Video This Video Might Have strong Languages Please Do Not Hate Today Is, My Uncle's Birthday He Is 26 Now This Video Is For Kids 12- Or Older No Hate Game Bate* :)
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The Official Music Video of, who's laughing now ft. flame the game (audio) 2:50 To 5:07
Song Who's Laughing Now
Artist: Lil Eyesight Saddie
Featured Artist: Flame The Game
About The Song: Published On 2/18/19
Real Name Of Rappers: LilEyeSightSaddie Real Name: Battjumper Calucator FlameTheGame Real Name: 45Jumpin Calucator
[Hook] Don't You Play I've Been Like The Kasy Drop Off From My 80's Catch Him Don't You Play The Whole Crew Was Like Ouu He Really Was Cruised Don't You Get Muised [Chorus] Pull Up, Don't You Play Me Just Crawl The 80's [Verse 1: LilEyeSightSaddie] Young Savage Hoppin In This Like I'm Shady [Verse 2: FlameTheGame] Can't Talk But I Ride In A Basady (I Got My Work From A Narco) Proudcer
----------------------Who's Laughing Now-------------------------