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  1. Everything has been nice and rectangular so far. We've modified both the
  2. polygon and texture coordinates, but in such a way that these both always
  3. formed some rectangle. Now it's time to see what happens when this
  4. correspondence is broken. In this new demo, we can move the locations and
  5. change the positions and u v's of the two upper corners. Let's start by
  6. modifying the position of the upper right corner. You can see how this distorts
  7. the texture. Now let's change the u v coordinates. This also distorts the
  8. texture, but in an inverted way. For example, as we make v larger, the texture
  9. distorts in a manner similar to what we saw before. An increase of v instead of
  10. a decrease in the y coordinate causes this distortion. Try the demo yourself,
  11. and see what various changes do. When you're done, I'll ask you a question
  12. about what you saw.