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  1. So now for your homework, go and extend my spyder with the following commands--
  2. we have s step one line--this is already in there, we have c for continue execution,
  3. and we have quit--this is already in there.
  4. Now come the extra command--we have p for print all variables and also with an extra argument,
  5. which should print the variable as variable equals value.
  6. We want to have commands to set breakpoints--b at line sets a breakpoint in line,
  7. meaning that after you enter this command, execution will always stop
  8. whenever that line is reached, and finally, special command and is specially useful--
  9. if you typed in w for watch point or anything that starts with w such as watch
  10. and give a variable name as argument, then the program should stop
  11. whenever the variable changes its value.
  12. With these commands, you can actually go and debug the remove HTML markup function
  13. step by step, printing out individual variables, but as we discussed today,
  14. you should go and use the scientific method for your homework.
  15. We will test your debugger by coming up with commands such as these
  16. and of course, expecting very specific output.
  17. This is an extra part that will not be graded, which you can do just for fun.