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  1. So, thanks Lauren. So, you know, another way in which we express emotion is
  2. through our voice. As it turns out, our voice is harder to control than our
  3. face. People can lie with their face more easily, because it's under voluntary
  4. control. But our voice is regulated by the autonomic nervous system. And
  5. remember the autonomic nervous system, we don't control. So, it's harder to
  6. manipulate. And for instance, we also have pitch changes with our voice. And
  7. pitch changes might happen when we have voice cracks, when we're nervous or
  8. when we cry. So, two good examples of recognize an emotion in the voice, are
  9. with young children, and when people are speaking foreign languages. So, for
  10. instance, in young children. They may not understand the words, but they
  11. clearly understand the emotional tone. So, for instance, if I parent says, oh,
  12. isn't that sweet versus no. The child may not understand those words, but
  13. clearly understands the emotional tone.