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  1. All right, so this is starting to get a little hairy. We've
  2. got all these stages and all these bands and all these set times.
  3. >> Yeah.
  4. >> And this band is playing multiple times. This is a lot to keep track of.
  5. >> Right.
  6. >> And I think at real concerts or real festivals, what
  7. they do is, they hire someone, they have a stage manager.
  8. >> Yeah because, I mean, you can be booking
  9. these people at multiple stages, multiple times. There's a
  10. lot to manage to make sure the scheduling and
  11. everything goes to plan. But, instead of creating a Employee
  12. object or something like that to relate as
  13. stage managers, we can use the User object,
  14. which is a standard object that already comes
  15. in the developer org. And it represents, you know,
  16. all the people that are actually logging into
  17. Salesforce and using your applications. So this is
  18. what real users would be doing in order
  19. to log into your application and actually use it.
  20. >> Okay. And so that object is already there.
  21. >> That object already exists.
  22. >> It's hidden in the background. We haven't seen it yet.
  23. >> Right.
  24. >> So if I go to Stages or something.
  25. >> Yeah. We want to relate the user to the stage object. So the stage would
  26. essentially be a child to the user. Where
  27. they're looking up to a specific user to.
  28. >> To figure out who the manager is.
  29. >> Stage manager is. Exactly.