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01-52 Testing A New Library Solution

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  1. The answer is it could have
    been any of these,
  2. but I think the best answer is unit
  3. because what we're doing is
    we're taking a software module,
  4. testing it in isolation to see
    if it's up to our standards
  5. before we integrate it with
    the rest of our software.
  6. Now, the type of testing
    that we're actually doing
  7. could have been white box testing,
    could have been black box testing,
  8. and could have been stress testing.
  9. But I didn't give you enough details
    about what we were doing
  10. to allow you, I believe, to conclude that
    any of those was definitely
  11. what we were doing,
    so what I think is the best answer
  12. here is unit testing.