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  1. You are now ready to define your first temporal check of the router
  2. environment. Please call to check CHKBADPARITY and implement it according to
  3. the f spec. So here is an extract. If a packet is driven to the router with bad
  4. parity. Expect that the error signal rises within 1 to 16 cycels after the
  5. packet was sent. In addition to the repeat operator, we have a variable repeat
  6. operator. It is written like this, square brackets, min value dot dot max
  7. value, square brackets times TE. This succeeds if the temple expression happens
  8. between min and max number of times. Use the events we've defined earlier. So,
  9. here we have bad parity in error rise. And use the arrow string listed down
  10. here if the temporal check fails.