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  1. Alright, we've got our schema set up. We've got bands, which look up to stages.
  2. >> Yep.
  3. >> Which look up to festivals. And then we
  4. got our attendees hanging out, also looking up to festivals.
  5. >> It's all looking good. Maybe we should add a couple band records?
  6. >> Yeah, let's make some music happen.
  7. >> Let's do it.
  8. >> Okay. So I'll go to Setup, and we don't have
  9. any band tab up here. What am I going to do, Sam?
  10. >> Yeah, so one of the trade-offs of building in Schema builder, is it
  11. doesn't have that little check box to automatically create a new
  12. tab. And so we're going to have to do that ourselves by
  13. manually getting there in the Setup. But the sidebar on the
  14. left is kind of overwhelming. There's a lot of stuff you can
  15. click into. But you can use the Quick Find, which is
  16. that little search bar in the top over there. And if
  17. you know what you're looking for, like for example, creating a
  18. tab, you can just type Tab, and it filters it for you.
  19. >> Okay, cool.
  20. >> Okay, so I'll click Create Tabs?
  21. >> Sounds good.
  22. >> And I'm guessing New here?
  23. >> Yep. So we've been through this drill before.
  24. >> Yeah. This is my favorite decision to make. okay, so.
  25. What do you think? What should the band tab look like?
  26. >>
  27. >> Music note?
  28. >> That sounds good.
  29. >> Okay, and I'm going to hit Next a bunch of times, I'm sure.
  30. >> Default Visibility on. Sounds good.
  31. >> Okay, I
  32. don't want it to be available to all these silly default apps.
  33. >> Right, just the festival app.
  34. >> Okay. Cool. Okay, we've got bands up here. So
  35. now I can add a record. okay, now. Add a band,
  36. and all it has is name.
  37. >> So that's the other trade-off with building in
  38. Schema Builder. it's not automatically added to the page layout.
  39. >> What isn't? Like, the fields, all of those
  40. [CROSSTALK]?
  41. >> All of the fields that we created, yeah. So
  42. let's just create a band. So just pick any random
  43. name that you want, or I guess not random, pick
  44. a band that you want to play at our festival.
  45. >> Okay, I don't know. Who do
  46. you like? Changed slightly for copyright purposes.
  47. >>
  48. [LAUGH]
  49. >> Let's do U3, my favorite band. So we've got our band, U3, and it
  50. doesn't have the fields like genre and all that. But we can add them, I hope.
  51. >> So, if we ever wanted to modify the page layout, like adding fields
  52. or even moving fields around, taking them off, whatever you want to do. You can
  53. either do that from the Object Setup Detail page in Setup, or easily from
  54. the page right here in the top right hand corner where it says Edit Layout.
  55. >> Okay.
  56. >> So.
  57. >> those
  58. are my fields, I want them. Genre, headliner.
  59. >> There you go. Right now we're looking
  60. at the Page Layout editor in Setup. And
  61. we have all of our fields, or if we made custom buttons, or maybe had other
  62. lists that we wanted to show, we could drag all of those into the page layout.
  63. So why don't you grab a couple of your fields, and then put them onto the page?