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  1. As like any e-commerce
    company should do, we
  2. constantly optimize the conversion rates
    as we think about the purchase flow.
  3. In traditional e-commerce, when you
    have a visitor come to your page, and
  4. a visitor actually checking out, it's
    just a really big drop-off anywhere from
  5. 90% to 98% depending on
    the e-commerce site.
  6. This is because there's a lot
    of different barriers in
  7. that process as you're
    trying to understand
  8. what type of product do I want,
    what type of color, what type of size,
  9. now I have to put in all my address
    information and payment information.
  10. We constantly try to optimize
    that experience to make it as
  11. easy as possible and making it as few
    clicks and things people are typing in.
  12. An example of that was as we
    are thinking about, we have
  13. people coming into Teespring and they
    have already purchased from us before.
  14. What is a way we can make
    that process easier for
  15. them to actually be able to then import
    all their previous address information?.
  16. This was a feature which
    we hadn't ever built prior.
  17. As we looked at this, one of the things
    that we really wanted to optimize for
  18. was around speed and especially for
    people on their devices,
  19. like on their phones being able to type
    in a lot of fields is really painful.
  20. That's just one example of how
    we tried to optimize for this,
  21. is to say that if you're a buyer
    who's come to Teespring before,
  22. what are the different
    ways that we can actually
  23. import your previous information
    into the checkout experience?