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← Our Suffering is Over at Death - Charles Leiter

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  1. Every now and then,
  2. it's very seldom that it's ever happened,
  3. but every great once in a while,
  4. just bam! It hits you:
  5. I'm going to die.
  6. It's going to happen very, very quickly.
  7. We're rapidly approaching.
  8. If you're not a Christian here tonight,
  9. the time is going to be
    there before you know it.
  10. You know how sometimes like as a student
  11. I remember I'd study for a test.
  12. You've got that big test coming up
  13. you know in two months - it's far away,
  14. but you're studying maybe.
  15. And it gets a little closer.
  16. All of a sudden there you are.
  17. The hour has come.
  18. And you know, like I said,
  19. I can only believe it
    every once in a while.
  20. You know what I'm
    talking about right here.
  21. Every now and then a little glimpse:
  22. I'm going to die. I'm going to be there.
  23. You're going to be there.
  24. And if you're not right with God
  25. you're in a desperate situation.
  26. And if you are right with God,
  27. what in the world are you so worried about
  28. this thing you're going through right now?
  29. It's temporary. It's just nothing.
  30. It's light compared to
    this glory that's coming.
  31. Difficulties are temporary.
  32. Trials are temporary.
  33. Setbacks are temporary.
  34. Sufferings are temporary.
  35. Soon,
  36. very soon,
  37. whatever I'm facing right now -
  38. you may be weary.
  39. You may be weary in the battle.
  40. It's going to be over so fast.
  41. Soon shall the cup of glory
  42. wash down earth's bitterest woes.
  43. I don't think we had that verse
  44. in "The Sands of Time."
  45. Soon shall the cup of glory wash down
  46. our bitterest woes.
  47. Soon shall the desert brier
  48. break into Eden's rose.
  49. Soon.
  50. Wash down earth's bitterest woes.
  51. People that are being tortured -
  52. some people are being tortured to death.
  53. The instant they wake up,
  54. it's all washed down.
  55. Everything's forgotten.
  56. Washed away in a moment.
  57. There's a card that we've shared a lot
  58. with people who have lost a loved one.
  59. It's entitled, "Absent From the
    Body, Present with the Lord."
  60. It goes like this:
  61. "Oh think...
  62. Oh think, to step on shore
  63. and that shore Heaven,
  64. to take hold of a hand,
  65. and that God's hand.
  66. To breathe a new air."
  67. You know, you just breathe it in.
  68. You find it celestial air.
  69. "To feel invigorated
  70. and know it immortality.
  71. Oh think, to pass from
    a storm and a tempest
  72. into one unbroken calm.
  73. To wake up and find it glory.
  74. Oh think..."
  75. To step on a shore.
  76. All that will happen in a moment.
  77. The tempest of life will be gone
  78. and they'll seem like nothing.
  79. To step on a shore and that shore Heaven.
  80. Well, what's the shore
    of Heaven going to be like?
  81. Well, it's one unbroken calm.
  82. Celestial air. Feeling invigorated.
  83. I can almost imagine that, you know.
  84. Instantly, you're alive
  85. and you're invigorated.