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  1. I started to play
    piano when I was three.

  2. Music has some
    magical powers.
  3. I think it is one of the best
    way to relax myself.
  4. My name is Yuliang.
  5. I am an analyst in Global
    Knowledge Network.
  6. Currently, I support
    Hong Kong bankers
  7. in equity offering
  8. like IPOs and foreign
  9. When I joined the team,
    I knew almost nothing about
  10. equity markets, and my
    manager taught me a lot,
  11. and she always encourage
    me to talk to her
  12. directly
    at any time.
  13. The atmosphere of our
    team is really good.
  14. We can work freely on the floor,
    and talk to each other.
  15. And if we have some problems
    with our work we can just
  16. give a shout in an email group
    and someone with their expertise
  17. are very happy to help you.
  18. It's these people that
    makes my every day
  19. interesting
    and productive.
  20. I was born and brought up
    in Shanghai,
  21. and I think this city is one of
    the best cities in the world.
  22. It is an international
    and global metropolis.
  23. In the morning,
  24. I will choose to go
    through the Bund.
  25. The Bund is riverside area,
    next to the Huangpu River
  26. in the center
    of Shanghai.
  27. There are a lot of elder
    people playing tai chi
  28. in the early morning,
    and if you look exactly opposite
  29. of the river it is Lujiazui,
    the central business area
  30. of Shanghai
    in the 21st century.
  31. This is a very typical
    mixture in Shanghai.
  32. You can see the traditional,
    you can see the modern.
  33. When I like
    to enjoy the nature,
  34. I will go hiking to Zhejiang,
    which is a little hill
  35. located in the suburban
    areas of Shanghai.
  36. There is a little part that
    you can cross these trees,
  37. and enjoy the fresh
    airs and forget about
  38. hustle bustle
    of the city.
  39. I love working in J.P. Morgan,
    because we are making
  40. a difference
    in the market,
  41. and we are making
    a difference in the firm.
  42. Every day I'm trying
    to deliver something
  43. that will make
    the difference happen.
  44. Sometimes it's only a tiny
    contribution to the deal,
  45. but all these dots
    will accumulate day by day.
  46. And finally it will
    amount to success.