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  1. We're basically there. We need to install some object let say that was Benjamin Franklin's idea.
  2. And I think you could probably tell me what property this object ought to have
  3. if we want it to get struck by lightening or to sort of discharge these clouds
  4. in order to prevent the lightening from hitting the building.
  5. So using everything we know about electricity, should the object we install here
  6. should it be tall or should it be short.
  7. Also should it be conducting as in should charge be allowed to flow along it or should be an insulator.
  8. Should it be grounded or should it not be grounded?
  9. This is the sort of thought process that I'm sure Benjamin Franklin
  10. went through when solving this problem.
  11. For each of these options, can you select one of the two radio buttons. Good luck.