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Direct Messages Become Directly Annoying

Ken Herron, Vice President of Marketing, Consumer Brands for Tourico Holidays is with me again and we are fit to be tied! Just when we thought Twitter was getting it right, they announced a new feature that definitely gets it wrong. It’s all over the subject of direct messages but you’ll have to tune in to hear the details and the debate!

And as usual, there is much more to talk about today. Foursquare advertising for small business has taken a positive leap forward by adopting the pay per click model, which means you only pay if someone acts on your ad.

Plus we’ll be discussing Hashtags and Quotes and what a recent survey reveals about ReTweets. And are you curious about the effectiveness of your web links on social media? Well, listen up – the news is not what you might expect!

We will round out the show with how to get the most out of Instagram, five critical things you should do with your LinkedIn company profile, and common mistakes on YouTube.