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Ep. #206 Road Trip to Florida: Part 9 - Fishing & Manatees

So our final two days in Florida May 1st and 2nd.
On Friday the 1st, we went out with Shark Bait Fishing Co. and got to catch lots of fish, and after that we went on the Dolphin Paradise tour to swim with manatees and dolphins (mostly manatees). But boy! did those manatees enjoy the attention! They begged for it, literally. ;-)
Both the Dolphin Paradise tours and Shark Bait Fishing Co. were based in the same place, and both were very good, and we recommend them - especially the manatee and dolphin swimming (but it's very rare that the dolphins actually come up to swim with you, however one came within 15 feet of us). (Shark Bait Fishing Co. website - Dolphin Paradise Tours website

Afterward we went and ate at Florida's Seafood Bar & Grill, where you can get All You Can Eat seafood for $38.99. Sadly, it was a disappointment, and the service kind of just made it that must worse. We just got a bad waitress. Some of our food was really good, and some of it was really bad. We got a Shark Bite to drink and that was disgusting... So, I don't really know whether I recommend this or not - it may have just been an off-night for them, who knows?

The next day we stopped at some last minute gift stores Alvin's Island, where everything is under $9.99, that had some cool tee-shirts and such. And although it's not on film, we went to The Dinosaur Store, and that place was very cool. My daughter especially enjoyed it. Both those are in Cocoa Beach. (Also a tip: pretty much all the Wal-Mart's in Orlando sold a HUGE selection of cheap Disney shirts... so if you don't feel like spending a fortune... that's the place. ;-P)