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Featuring Fiona and Semira from Generation Code.
Special thanks to Eckstein Middle School for use of the space.

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  1. Today we're going to learn about pair programming.
    In pair programming, you work as a team. Why
  2. should two people use one computer? Because
    two heads are better than one. We work together
  3. in an interesting kind of way. Because we're
    interesting people. We are interesting people.
  4. In pair programming, you and your
    partner are going to sit down together at
  5. one computer and you're both going to work
    on the same project. Right now we're working
  6. on Code Monsters!
  7. In pair programming, one
    person is the driver and the other person
  8. is the navigator, just like driving a car.
  9. Your choice, driver or navigator? Driver.
  10. The driver sits at the computer and is the one using
    they keyboard, mouse, or touch screen and
  11. controls the main actions of the computer.
    I'm setting the arrows so that they make the
  12. character move in the direction that he's
    trying to move. And the other person is the
  13. navigator. The navigator helps the driver
    by answering the driver's questions and pointing
  14. out potential problems or mistakes.
  15. Go left. Instead of righty tighty, go right.
  16. Communication
    is key to successful pair programming. Don't
  17. DON'T: insult your partner. DO: be respectful. DON'T
    be a bossy navigator, because nobody likes a backseat driver.
  18. Why can't you do this? Wait, hey! Stop that, give it back. (DON'T grab the driver's mouse/keyboard)
  19. Communication is key to successful
    pair programming. You and your partner
  20. should always be talking.
    (DO talk to one another about the work)
  21. The driver can explain what s/he is doing.
    (DO explain what you are doing)
  22. The navigator can help suggest what to do next.
    (DO think ahead and make suggestions)
  23. The navigator should be thinking about
    the big picture and the driver focuses on
  24. the details. Both roles are important
  25. Want to switch? Okay. I'm the driver now. (DO switch roles often)
  26. Be sure to switch roles often.
  27. Wait a second, why isn't this working?
  28. You need to attach it up there,
    look there's a hole.
  29. Did you see how my partner helped me to figure out the puzzle with fewer tries?
  30. She caught my mistakes. Pair programming
  31. is all about working together as a team.
  32. DO: Be respectful, talk to one another about the work, explain what you are doing
  33. DO: think ahead, make suggestions, switch roles often.
  34. DON'T: be a bossy navigator or grab the driver's