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Parliament meets Internet. Surveillance, the digital economy & the Open Internet


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ISOC UK England chapter presents "Parliament meets Internet. Surveillance, the digital economy & the Open Internet." at the UK House of Parliament on March 4 2014.

00:00 Christian de Larrinaga - ISOC UK England (Welcome)
01:25 Matt Warman -- Technology Editor, Daily Telegraph (Moderator)
04:20 Rt. Hon.George Howarth - MP, Knowsley
18:09 Rt. Hon. Julian Huppert - MP, Cambridge
27:50 Rt. Hon. David Davis - MP, Haltemprice and Howden
37:44 Jari Arkko -- Chair, IETF
45:12 Kathy Brown - CEO, Internet Society
52:23 Dr. Ian Brown - Associate Director, Oxford University Cyber Security Centre
1:00:36 Nick Pickles - Director, Big Brother Watch
1:06:12 Dame Wendy Hall DBE - Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton
1:14:28 Q&A




Camera: Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond

Photo: Chris Grundermann

Edit: Joly MacFie