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We have over 30 years of collective expertise providing both businesses and individuals, totally integrated solutions to their own insurance, investments, retirement, income education, replacement, estate and tax preparation requirements. <br /> <br />Trust Life & Investments has an enviable network of insurance and investment specialists from around the state who constantly hunt to find the best insurance and investment strategies attuned to the needs of the clientele. We're partnered with Canada’s top insurance companies to bring the suitable customised solutions for consumer responsive individual, living benefits, life insurance and group retirement products. Through its strategic relationships with industry partners and allied professional firms, we're equipped to work complexed scenarios for our corporate clients out for their shareholder agreements, buy sell funding, business succession planning and tax structuring. <br />555burnhamthorperoad <br />We're committed to serving our customers in the best way that is possible by creating internal competencies and always striving to improve customer experiences. We ardently believe in the value of creating a long term and mutually beneficial relationship. <br /> <br />At Trust Life & Investments, we actively give back to our community. Our folks attention, and working together, we make a difference.