Demon Left In A Few Seconds - Deliverance On The Beach

Demon Left In A Few Seconds - Deliverance On The Beach

90 Baptized, People Set Free And Lives Changed Forever

We've just ended an amazing kickstart weekend here in Florida!

In the Bible, we see how the early church went around preaching the Gospel, healing the sick, and casting out demons. We read how people repented and turned away from their sins, getting baptized to Jesus and receiving the Holy Spirit. We've seen all these things here this weekend!

Jesus is forever the same! In this short video from yesterday, you can see deliverance on the beach, and how lives are transformed forever.

Yesterday, I shared our amazing time of baptism in the ocean. See it here:

In a few days I will share more amazing testimonies from this weekend. It was so powerful!

Today, we ended with a powerful meeting, with tongues and interpreting of tongues, prophecy and much more!

I love it!

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