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  1. All right, Andy. That was a lot of clicking.
  2. What did you think your first approval on workflow?
  3. >> It was a lot of clicking. I thought it was
  4. pretty cool. I really liked that workflows, you know, add so much
  5. efficiency. This one event causes this, causes that, causes that. That's
  6. very cool. the benefits for approval processes was a little less clear.
  7. >> Approval processes are really similar to workflow,
  8. but, it was a little bit inauthentic in
  9. the way that we built it, because, you
  10. know, we were the submitter and the approver.
  11. >> Right. I guess you're right. If this were a
  12. real music festival, we'd have, you know, however many hundreds
  13. of people and they're all depending on each other and
  14. things need to get done and need to get done quickly.
  15. >> And they might not know who they're sending stuff to.
  16. >> Right.
  17. >> Because you don't know everyone that you work with at a huge
  18. company. So it really helps you
  19. streamline the process of getting things approved.
  20. >> So, I'm a huge fan of all this efficiency improvements we've gained.
  21. The only thing that would make this even cooler is if I could
  22. do it on my phone.
  23. >> And we can. So let's, let's do it.
  24. >> Cool.