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  1. I was raised, by God's grace,
  2. in a Christian home.
  3. My father read the Bible to me daily,
  4. and sacrificed a lot to give me
  5. a Christian education -
  6. kindergarten through college.
  7. I went to Bible college.
  8. And so I had a lot of knowledge
  9. about the Lord and the things of the Lord.
  10. We regularly attended a church,
  11. and we were faithful in attendance there.
  12. And at a young age - maybe 7,
  13. I made a profession of faith,
  14. was baptized.
  15. And I prided myself at that time
  16. that I did not participate in things
  17. like drinking or drugs.
  18. But as I look back, I saw that
  19. I just lived openly in so many other sins.
  20. I went away to college.
  21. I met my wife.
  22. She was in the exact same
    place I was spiritually.
  23. We were married the week after college.
  24. We moved to Dallas for business
  25. and started attending a church in Dallas.
  26. We were faithful there.
  27. And it was shortly after that
  28. that one day I picked up my Bible,
  29. which was not common,
  30. and began to read.
  31. And I read 1 John 2.
  32. "If you love the world
  33. or the things in the world,
  34. the love of the Father is not in you."
  35. And I was so confronted with the reality
  36. that I loved so many
    other things than God.
  37. I was convicted of my sin.
  38. I didn't have a lot of good doctrine.
  39. I was more introduced to things
  40. like the sinner's prayer.
  41. And I didn't know what
    to do at that moment,
  42. but I knew this for sure -
  43. I was lost.
  44. And I cried out to God for mercy.
  45. And He saved me.
  46. And as the Scriptures say, at that moment
  47. everything became new.
  48. I was a new creation.
  49. And there was a turning of my affections
  50. from the world
  51. to the things of the Lord,
  52. and by His grace, that has
    continued to this day.
  53. Question: What led
    you to ultimately pastor?

  54. How were you called to the ministry?
  55. Jesse: It was not a traditional calling.

  56. The Lord works in unique ways.
  57. After conversion, I was in a profession
  58. where I had hours free every day.
  59. I could finish my work,
  60. and then I had to wait
    for people to come in.
  61. It was a retail environment.
  62. And so I had five to six
    hours a day often by myself,
  63. which I look back now,
  64. it was the grace of the Lord.
  65. And that went on for ten years.
  66. So for that long time,
  67. I would just read the Bible.
  68. And I read the Bible
    over and over and over.
  69. And I began to share the
    truths of the gospel
  70. with people around me.
  71. I was so excited about the
    truths that I was seeing.
  72. And God in His grace began to save people.
  73. And they came back to me
    after they were saved,
  74. and said, "Well, where
    should we go to church?"
  75. And brother, I didn't know
    what to tell them
  76. because the church that
    I was in at the time
  77. was a shallow view of the gospel,
  78. more entertainment based,
  79. and so what we began doing
  80. is meeting in my home for Bible studies.
  81. And this is further along
  82. after I was converted
  83. and a number of years in the faith.
  84. And we met in our home for years.
  85. Prayer meetings, Bible studies,
  86. fellowship, to go evangelize.
  87. And that became where we're at today,
  88. which is the church that we meet with.
  89. So not a traditional
    path, to say the least,
  90. but the Lord has blessed it
  91. and graced us and worked
    through it for His glory.