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  1. >> So here's the word equation we came up with in the last problem. Clearly
  2. though, considering I had to write this on two separate lines, there are a lot
  3. of words here and this is going to be kind of confusing to keep track of. So,
  4. let's use some different variables. I'd like to let x equal the number of
  5. nozzles made and I'd like to let y equal the total amount spent on nozzle
  6. production. So, with those substitutions, our equation will look a little bit
  7. cleaner. With these substitutions, it's pretty clear that this equation is
  8. written in slope intercept form, which we are now very familiar and comfortable
  9. with. So thinking about where the slope should show up in this equation and the
  10. information that we're given. What number do you think the slope is equal to in
  11. this equation?