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  1. Finally, we have group therapies and support groups. Group therapy is a
  2. therapeutic setting in which several people who share a common problem all meet
  3. regularly with a therapist to help themselves and to help each other. These
  4. groups tend to be very structured. Some group therapies, for example, offer
  5. training and learning to overcome social anxiety disorder and others may use
  6. cognitive behavioral therapy to treat eating disorders. Now, there are other
  7. groups that are less structured in the therapeutic context. And these are
  8. support groups. These are meetings of people who share a common situation
  9. whether it's a disorder, disease, or even coping with an ill family member.
  10. Support groups are widely available and can be categorized in terms of their
  11. focus. For example, there's support groups for eating disorders, substance
  12. abuse, the treatment of OCD, even with coping with the loss of a loved one.
  13. Alcoholics Anonymous and other substance abuse groups are considered support
  14. groups and these are available all over the world.