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  1. In a relational database, we store
    all our data in the form of tables.
  2. So, here's a table with some data in it.
  3. You probably already know how to
    answer a lot of questions using data
  4. and tables.
  5. Database tables aren't all that
    different from tables you might find in
  6. an infographic or reference book.
  7. Looking at a table like this,
    you can tell things like,
  8. say, the population of Brazil or
    the literacy rate in Argentina.
  9. So, even before we get into
    databases in any kind of detail,
  10. you can probably already answer some
    questions about how tables work.
  11. Don't worry about getting
    these questions right or
  12. wrong, but take a moment to think
    about your answers before we go on.
  13. So first,
    when we look across a row like this one,
  14. what do these values have in common?
  15. And second, when we look
    down a column like this one,
  16. what do the values there have in common?