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  1. “My orders are
    to the police and military,
  2. also the village officials,
  3. that if the situation arises
    that people fight
  4. and your lives are on the line,
  5. shoot them dead!”
  6. To be honest, if it’s possible
    to just stay at home, I would,
  7. instead of going out to shoot.
  8. But, under the current situation,
  9. information is being controlled
    by a few.
  10. If there is no alternative media
  11. there will be no checks
    and balances.
  12. That’s why we’re going out
    of our homes
  13. to know the stories
    that are not being followed
  14. by big media corporations.
  15. "Media personnel shall be allowed
  16. to travel within the quarantine area
  17. provided that within 72 hours
  18. from the issuance
    of this memorandum
  19. media personnel intending
    to travel within the quarantine area
  20. shall secure an identification card
  21. from the Presidential Communications
    Operations Office."
  22. Actually, it’s preposterous that one needs
    to get accreditation from them.
  23. Does this mean they exclusively get
    to choose which media outfit can operate?
  24. But despite our protest
  25. we still filed for accreditation.
  26. We are still waiting for it until now.
  27. Before we went there
  28. somebody texted us that
    security was strict in the area
  29. due to a positive Covid case.
  30. In turn, we discussed whether
    we should proceed to the area or not.
  31. We decided to proceed
    despite our anxieties.
  32. We are also concerned with
    our safety and health.
  33. JL: Do you have any message
    to the government?
  34. Estrelita: We are calling for continued
    support to our community kitchen.
  35. It is for all the people in the community.
  36. We will not die from the disease,
    but we might die from hunger
  37. if we can’t eat three times a day.
  38. Woman 1: We are going around
  39. Let’s do social distancing!
  40. Woman 2: You are overcrowding!
  41. Boy: Give us some biscuits!
  42. JL: I think the major weakness
    of the government,
  43. compared to other countries,
  44. ...
  45. is the lack of mass testing.
  46. It’s as if people were put in jails not knowing
    if the disease is inside with them.
  47. Quarantine won’t serve its purpose
    without any testing.
  48. I belong to the middle class,
  49. but I am a freelancer.
  50. My income depends
    on my production.
  51. EngageMedia: What is that?
  52. JL: Relief goods from the barangay.
  53. That is my predicament.
  54. But within a month, I only received
    a relief pack just once.
  55. There are about 15
    or 14 canned goods.
  56. I just hope those who are impoverished
    receive more than once a month.
  57. During a lockdown like this,
    you are inside your home,
  58. not just me, but most of my friends
  59. and fellow artists,
  60. most are stuck at home,
  61. you surmise the positive things
    that arise despite the lockdown.
  62. One positive thing is the emergence
    of artworks that are socially relevant
  63. both in form and content.
  64. I belong to a group,
    the Asian People’s Music.
  65. It is a group of progressive musicians
    from countries that belong to the ASEAN.
  66. Joseph, a Filipino musician
    who is also part of the group,
  67. and a member of the band
    Village Idiots,
  68. composed a song,
    and here it is:
  69. ♫ When this is over ♫
  70. ♫ Is it back to normal? ♫
  71. When you go out of your house
  72. what you see in the streets
    are people holding a cardboard,
  73. some banners stating
    “we are hungry,”
  74. "no mask, no entry,"
    those are the images you see.
  75. Texts written on cardboards, paper,
    or whatever is available.
  76. Based on what I saw I had an idea:
    Why not write some lyrics
  77. the same way as those images?
  78. That’s what we did,
    and the musicians were okay with it.
  79. ♫ When this is over ♫
  80. ♫ Are we going back to the familiar? ♫
  81. ♫ To a violent way of life ♫
  82. ♫ Full of fear and dread ♫
  83. ♫ We will straighten wayward roads ♫
  84. ♫ Shout out our calls ♫
  85. ♫ A better society ♫
  86. ♫ When this is over ♫
  87. We are raising a question in that song.
  88. The lyrics say when this is over,
    do we simply leave things as they are?
  89. We are raising this question because
  90. this crisis exposed
    the kind of society we have.
  91. The government will feel
    the wrath of the people
  92. if the situation remains the same.
  93. And we think, or at least
    I personally do think,
  94. the situation should change,
    and that we need to make a stand.
  95. ♫ A better society when this is over ♫
  96. ♫ We will rise when this is over ♫