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  1. So, one of things when I was learning how to program was casting. And that was
  2. something that [LAUGH]
  3. I feel like I learned casting a little bit later than everyone else because its
  4. just that it was very foreign for me to really understand like how everything
  5. was set up initially. And so when I learned about like you know oh I have
  6. variables. I got that. Okay? So, there's variables. But then you know, you've
  7. got ints you've got doubles, and that, that was one of those things I didn't
  8. understand the importance of it. And for a while I kind of dismissed it as like
  9. I don't want to ask for help, like it's okay. Like I'm just going to, I'm just
  10. going to go right through this, and then I'd have problems where I'd be running
  11. my code. And then like all of a sudden I got a crazy long number back and I'm
  12. like what did I do wrong? The person next to me just got six. How did I had,
  13. how did I mess up here? And the email was one of the thing that's like, I think
  14. my pride was a little bit got in the way, I probably should have just like,
  15. hey, why isn't my number working? By the time I understood, like the difference
  16. it's like a whole number versus like you know, number of the decimal like the
  17. know like oh, I get it, like. Now, it's just, like, instinctive. Like, whenever
  18. I'm, you know, writing something, like, I know which number like, what kind of
  19. custom I have with it. And it's those little things that, like, they kind of
  20. stand in the way, at first, where it's, it's silly looking back but, I mean
  21. once you get the, like major concepts down. It's like, you wouldn't even think
  22. twice about it. It's like, I've got a hand and well, I've got an int. [LAUGH]