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  1. So just to recapitulate some of the stuff we talked about in this unit,
  2. ultimately, we talked about various different kinds of graphs,
  3. various different kinds of growth rates,
  4. the whole notion of Big Theta and Big O notation
  5. to capture asymptotic growth rates
  6. and connecting these things up with various kinds of recurrence relations.
  7. There ended up being kind of a nice correspondence
  8. between several different kinds of graphs,
  9. several different kinds of recurrence relations,
  10. and several different growth rates.
  11. These growth rates are obviously important for
  12. understanding how these graphs work,
  13. but they are really important for algorithm analysis, as well,
  14. and we're going to see algorithms with various run times
  15. that look like these as we proceed. See you next time.