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  1. So the answer we're looking for here is
    actually the computeFibonacci method.
  2. So let's review what I
    did to figure it out.
  3. All right, so running Traceview on
    the following activity, and basically
  4. profiling the function that happens when
    I press this compute Fibonacci function.
  5. This is what the Traceview
    output looks like.
  6. All right, so here's an output
    that I got from running Traceview.
  7. You should see something similar.
  8. Notice this large pink area.
  9. This is a bad thing, this basically
    indicates that something is
  10. taking up a lot of CPU
    time on our main thread.
  11. So if you sort by exclusive CPU time,
    or by hovering over this pink area.
  12. You'll notice that the computeFibonacci
    method, which is coming from our caching
  13. activity, is the one that's actually
    occupying the most CPU resources.
  14. So this is something we want to fix