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  1. Thanks, Kai/g. It looks like the picture class has some other methods. In
  2. BlueJ, I'm going to create a picture object as we've been doing. And I'm going
  3. to fill it with a picture of Jonathan, and here's my picture of Jonathan. I'm
  4. going to translate it a little. Translate, and 100. Jonathan can't wait to grow
  5. up. Are there any methods in the picture class that we could use to help him
  6. out? Let's see. Which of these methods might help him grow up? What about the
  7. grow method? If I enter 50 and 50 and then hit OK, what will happen? Does
  8. Jonathan grow 50 pixels wider and 50 pixels taller? Does Jonathan grow 50%
  9. bigger? Does Jonathan grow 50 pixels on each side? Or does Jonathan grow 50
  10. years older?